Thursday, June 25, 2015

The BIG Difference


On June 17, 2015 we witnessed the horrible news story from Charleston, South Carolina, of 9 people being murdered as they were studying GOD'S word while inside HIS house.

When the man who committed this crime, DYLANN STORM ROOF, was captured, what did the families and loved ones do when they confronted him at his arraignment?

They told him of what he took away from all of them.

They told him of the suffering that they all must now endure because of him.


They TOLD him that they did not hate him
They ASKED him to confess.
They ASKED him to repent.
They ASKED him to turn his life over to GOD.
They ASKED him to learn the teachings of CHRIST.
They TOLD him that they will PRAY for him.
Then they PRAYED for his soul.

And finally, they FORGAVE him. Something that he DID NOT ask for.

So with that I have THIS to say to all you ATHEISTS.

THIS is what I say to all you LEFTIST LIBERALS.

THIS --- is the DIFFERENCE --- the BIG difference --- between US, the Christians and Jews --- and the MOSLEMS!

Thursday, May 14, 2015


The other day I had some individual who immigrated here from some other country on the other side of the Earth start a sentence with the following:
Location and situation at that moment restricted me from my truly intended response - - - too many witnesses.
So, here is my answer for the immigrants from those 2nd, 3rd and even 4th rate countries who found their way here - - -
I KNOW this is AMERICA! Do you know why? Because I was BORN here over 60 years ago and raised here.
I KNOW this is AMERICA! Do you know why? Because I have lived in locations all over her. Born in DETROIT - - - grew up in ARIZONA - - - lived in CALIFORNIA, TENNESEE and now for the vast majority of my life - - - CHICAGO, ILLINOIS.
I KNOW this is AMERICA! Do you know why? Because I KNOW its TRUE HISTORY - - - and it is a GOOD, NOBLE and HONORABLE history. Taught to me by teachers who were once honorable, and were dedicated to TEACHING young people - - - not INDOCRINATING them.
I KNOW this is AMERICA! Do you know why? Because I served in its NAVY - - - which automatically TELLS YOU that I have done more, and offered more, to MY country than you EVER will.
I KNOW this is AMERICA! Do you know why? Because my family and I owned a business here that employed over 100 people for over 50 years - - - many of them legal immigrants like you - - - which tells you again that I have done more for this country than you EVER WILL!
SO DON'T - - - YOU - - - TELL ME - - - OR - - - DICTATE TO ME - - - HOW MY COUNTRY IS - - - OR HOW IT SHOULD BE!!!!
KEEP - - - YOUR - - - MOUTH - - - SHUT!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014


I'm sorry, but I have no sympathy for all of these alleged rape victims who are claiming BILL COSBY to be their attacker.  I am seeing that it is mainly coming from Hollywood starlets whom I have never heard of, and aged has been super models.
My reasoning is simple. When BILL CLINTON was accused of the same thing, all of Hollywood and the leftists rallied around him as if HE were the victim.
When it came to JENNIFER FLOWERS, JUANITA BRODERICK, PAULA JONES and yes, even MONICA LEWINSKY, every limousine liberal and leftist focused on them like a laser. Calling them the typical vile names that are used on women, accused of being opportunists. Told they were looking for instant fame and book deals, etc., etc., etc.
Demonized and made out as villains, all of them. Given the labels of TRAILER TRASH and WHITE TRASH.
Bill Clinton was defended, protected and even covered by those of the left and in Hollywood.
JAMES CARVILLE, Bill Clinton's advisor is even quoted as saying of them on national television, "This is what you get when you drag a $100 bill through a trailer court."
The "comedian", Mo'nique defended Bill Clinton's action with Monica Lewinsky as "It was just a blow job! What the hell?"
Now, Hollywood is pulling all of Bill Cosby's television series that are syndicated and in reruns; and cancelling any upcoming shows he is starring in.
However, now these little Hollywood princesses? They want justice.
Sorry Hollywood. Sorry Leftists. You ALL showed your true colors a long time ago. You can't pick and choose who is a rapist and who is a perpetrator of sexual harassment.
I know what this is really all about. It is about Bill Cosby over the past couple of decades coming out and speaking his mind of what he sees as the real problems in the African American community. The usual race baiters want him silenced.
However, what is the most vile is that the holier than thou Hollywood leftist liberals will take the vile crime of rape and politicize it. Only making it more and more difficult for the real victims of this crime.
Sorry Hollywood ladies - - - take your crying and tears elsewhere.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Here is a early coffee drink that you can have on Thanksgiving.  First, make sure someone is in charge of all the cooking; and make sure the kids are properly supervised.

Put on a fresh pot of coffee. Then, when the first football game of the day starts, make yourself some HUNTERS COFFEE.

1/2 oz. Tia Maria Dark Liqueur
1/2 oz. Grand Marnier

Build in a coffee mug, fill with unflavored coffee, top with whipped cream and a cherry and sprinkle a little fresh nutmeg on top.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Christopher Columbus - - - It's SPAIN'S Fault

On October 6, 2014, the Seattle City Council voted that from now on the holiday known as COLUMBUS DAY, which honors CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, (1451 - 1506), to now be known as "INDIGINOUS PEOPLES DAY". Yes a city council, on its own decided that. It just shows in a small way how we have allowed elected officials to make and pass laws for us, without our participation and without our consent.
Unlike Arizona, which has been demonized by the left. Arizona will put matters such as these, and even matters of a more serious nature on the ballot for the voters to decide.  For example, the smoking ban in taverns and restaurants was not decided by the state government of Arizona, but by the voters of the state.
But in this time of radical political correctness, where what we once thought of as bad is now good, what we once thought was good is now bad, where who we once thought of as heroes are now villains, and who we once thought of as villains are now heroes, why does not this surprise me?
Which comes to the now hero turned villain, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS.
Let me make my point here with a little history.
Question: Why Columbus? Why is he the one taking the brunt of hatred from the leftists where they are vilifying this man. Columbus Day is actually a day for Americans of Italian decent to celebrate the life of one of their ancestors and his accomplishment.
But over the past couple of decades, Columbus and his discovery of the new world has now been blamed for practically everything evil that has happened since 1492. From epidemics that killed many of the indigenous people here, to famine, to genocide, and to many of the leftists liberals, the biggest evil of all, the founding of the United States of America.
Next Question: Why are the Italian and Anglo Europeans blamed for all of this evil?  Columbus was Italian, but that's where it ends.
Last question: Who funded the expeditions of Christopher Columbus? Answer: King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of - - - SPAIN.
Yes, Spain. I say the finger of all of this evil brought on by the discovery of the new world must be pointed at - - - SPAIN. Yes, the Spanish. After all, what is now the predominant language from the southern tip of South America to the northern border of Mexico? Spanish, followed by Portuguese.

Portugal - - - Spain - - - they share a border.

It is because of Spain, all the new diseases came. It is because of Spain, all the conquests started. Spain - - - is the real reason for all of this pandemic and genocide. It was Spain who started it all. If it were not for them financing Columbus, then the rest of Europe would have never followed.

Now here is something that is kind of ironic. Because of radical political correctness some genius has decided that October now be designated as HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH. The same month that contains COLUMBUS DAY. No one can criticize anything with the Hispanic community because of political correctness. However, think of the irony here. Can you imagine the inner conflict with todays modern day Hispanics? Half of their ancestors were either wiped out and conquered by their other half.

Is changing the name of the holiday, or rather, the covert but out right ban of it really going to change things and make it for the better. One thing liberals really want to control in our educational system is the study of history. Because I'll wager that if you were to dig into the history of these "indigenous peoples" you would discover that they are not that innocent and have a bloody side to their history also. Keep going back to find how one tribe conquered the next in order to take their lands. The ancient Aztecs' were known to enslave and sacrifice other enemy tribesmen.

These ancient tribes conquered by the Spanish and Portuguese, they are now all blended into one and the same. They are the ancestors and forefathers of all Latinos and Hispanics. So since this is HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH, that is my contribution to the celebration.

So all to all those leftists just remember. The discovery of the new world and all the evil that came with it? SPAIN - - - IT'S ALL THEIR FAULT!

But you can't say anything tabout it to the Hispanics because then that would make you a bigot.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The "TOXIC WASTE" Cocktail

It's time for another time out from the worlds problems to send out to you from the bar another cocktail recipe. We are now officially going into the holiday season with HALLOWEEN coming up. So here is a good cocktail to serve at any Halloween party. However, for the right effect, some special lighting must be involved.
This is for Halloween, the TOXIC WASTE Cocktail. You will need the following:
Take a tall glass with ice and pour in the MIDORI and GIN, then fill with MOUNTAIN DEW.
That simple. But, the special lighting? Have BLACK LIGHTS in the darkened room, because this cocktail GLOWS IN THE DARK!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The S.I.N.O.'s

By now you all know of the synonym R.I.N.O, which stands for REPUBLICAN IN NAME ONLY.

Now I wish to introduce to you a new term for that political group who, throughout our country, have been debating their agenda for many decades. I am speaking of those who are either card carrying members of the party, or just self proclaim themselves as - - - American Socialists. However, it is my opinion that today, the democrats and the RINO's are one in the same, that they are closet socialists. The only difference between them and American socialists is that those in the American Socialist Party are at least honest and open on who they are. But, that's as far as it goes.

I have in the recent past wrote a small article defending socialists on one thing, that they are not fond of Barack Obama, that they do not see him as a socialist, but as another elitist opportunist who has his own self interest as his priority.

But, this is about the socialists in America today, and I now wish to inject my new political term that pertains to American socialists and only American socialists. That term is - - - S.I.N.O's.:


Why only American socialists? They walk and talk like socialists. They preach the socialist agenda. They push for socialist ideologies. In fact they do, say and act as any socialist would.

Except for one thing, and I'm sorry, but this is ONE HUGE THING. They refuse to take a couple of years out of their lives to leave the United States and just go to ANY other country that has a socialist government and live as one in the "worker's paradise" that they proclaim these countries are. I have never seen it.

I see famous socialist sympathizers from this country, SEAN PENN, DANNY GLOVER, HARRY BELAFONTE and OLIVER STONE to mention a few, go to socialist countries, praise the system, and praiseeven more the leaders of these countries, such as HUGO CHAVEZ and FIDEL CASTRO; however, I never see them love it so much that they pack up everything that they own and move to these countries to be one of them.

This one thing that they never do, and I can say with the utmost confidence will NEVER do is to move to socialist countries and live as one of them. Why? Because they are SINO's.

They are American socialists who still love their American freedoms.
They are American socialists who still love their American rights.
They are American socialists who still love, and this is the big one, who still love their American money, their American wealth and their American lifestyle.

They will not even move to a socialist country like France. I still loved the look and the American actor, WILL SMITH'S face when, while being interviewed on French television, as he was praising France, its government and its way of life. He mentioned that he may consider moving there. The French commentator then informed Mr. Smith that if he did, the socialist French government would then tax him 75% of everything he has if he were to do so. Mr. Smith's face was frozen for about 15 seconds.

The trouble with SINO's is that many of them are socialists with American Express Platinum Memberships.

However, no matter how many facts that you bring up about the negatives of socialism, the SINO's will defend it to the death. Even lie to you boldfaced. it is the equivalent to Taquiyya or Kitman to the radical Islamic jihadists. Where it is permitted to lie about Islam to all non-believers. Taquiyya and Kitman are in the Quran, the rules for lying about socialism is in the SINO's bible, "RULES FOR RADICALS" by the ultra leftist SAUL ALINSKY.
The SINO's also know that they are free to go about our country to spew their rhetoric about the greatness and wonders of socialism without any fear of retaliation by our government. Unlike that of the socialist countries they deeply love. Just go to Venezuela and Cuba to debate the advantages of a capitalist system, see how many minutes it takes to shut you down and be arrested.

And believe me, the SINO's are always prepared to counter attack you while trying to convince you how socialism is the way and ONLY system that we must be forced to live under. The SINO's always preach how they know what is and is not better for you.

  • They will let you know who is a suppressed category of people and what other category of people must be looted and punished in order to make things right and equal.
  • They will decide how much money that you will be allowed to make in order to get by.
  • They will decide what is to be taught to your children in schools.
  • They will decide what is to be considered free speech, when it can be spoken, how it can be presented, and where this speech can be spoken and at what time. (much like the so called "free speech zones" that we have on American college and university campuses today).
  • They will decide what is and is not good enough for you to eat.
  • They will inform you of when any heinous act performed, atrocity committed or just plain stupid act done by a high ranking socialist was done for the good of the "revolution" and for the common good of all. They will then ALWAYS bring up of how in the past a conservative American politician or capitalist did the same things as if that were a "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" card. ( Excuse me, but I thought the whole purpose of history was to learn from the mistakes and to NOT repeat them).
  • They will decide what information is deemed necessary for you through the media. ( That should be rather easy today considering they have so many willing in the industry doing so already).
  • They will decide who is and who is not allowed to be offended.
  • They will decide what is and is not offensive.
  • They will decide just who it is that shall be born and who shall not.

(Also, take my advice because I speak from experience. Prepare yourself to be lambasted and insulted for even the most slightest of criticisms and suspicions about socialism. The SINO's favorite thing is to insult your intelligence and question your IQ).

They will still use the Bill of Rights, I repeat USE the Bill of Rights, but only to fit their agenda. They will keep the Bill of Rights, however they will legislate many more laws in order to bring it down to their needs. Much as they have with the 30,000+ laws that they have dedicated to controlling  the 2nd Amendment.

But above all they will decide who will be doing what in a socialist system. That is one of my biggest suspicions of them. I believe that if the SINO's succeed in getting the United States on a socialist system that, because of their hard and enduring efforts, they will all be rewarded with high ranking positions in that system.

Because God forbid that they actually have to become the "workers" in the "workers paradise". They know damn well as we do that the only people who benefit in the socialist system is the upper 1% who are in charge and running that system. There is absolutely NO DIFFERENCE between them and the Capitalists that they demonize and condemn.

The SINO's. They have read all of the rule books, they know all of the coaches, they idolize all the famous players of the system. But when it comes to them? Well, they just won't play they game.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


I would like to introduce to you Congressman Frank Underwood, Democrat from the 5th congressional district of Georgia and the House Majority Whip.
Excuse me, no. UPDATE:
Please meet the Vice President of the United States of America, Frank Underwood of Georgia.
Nope, no, sorry again. UPDATE:
Ladies and Gentlemen, The President of the United States, Francis Underwood from the great state of Georgia.
Actually who I am referring to is the great actor KEVIN SPACEY and the character he plays on the hit television series HOUSE OF CARDS, which streams on NETFLIX. I do not usually promote a television show, but this one in particular I HIGHLY recommend.
HOUSE OF CARDS comes from a series that was first televised on the BBC in the 1980's and has been adapted to American television. What is so great about it is that it really portrays how things are done in Washington DC today. And I have to give Mr. Spacey credit, I believe he is a liberal, he admits that the series is not too far fetched on how things are done there.
The corruption, the back stabbing, the betrayals, the blackmail, the using of people, the manipulations, and yes, even the murders.
The constant obsession with gaining more and more power; and it is never enough.
What I like about the series is that Frank Underwood always involves YOU into what he is doing, why he is doing it and his philosophies as he does so. He will pause right in the middle of a scene and look directly at you and speak with you.
My favorite line so far in the series  is when Frank Underwood is being sworn in as Vice President.  He accomplished this task through his manipulations and blackmail. During the swearing in ceremony, while his right hand is raised he looks directly at you and says:
"A heartbeat away from the most powerful office in the world without one vote cast for me. Democracy is so overrated".
Frank Underwood - - - the most honest, dishonest politician.  The ironic thing is even though Frank Underwood is a fictional character, all he portrays is true.
However what I also like about the series is the real truth about Washington DC, that the politicians there do not care for the American citizens, there problems or there lives. All that matters to the politicians is the elections every two years. At the time of this writing Frank Underwood and the Democrats are only concerned with "the mid terms". I now hear all the real politicians in Washington DC saying how they must wait for "the mid-terms" before they take any type of action - - - on anything.
When you really think about it, getting elected, it is a pretty asinine way to try and get a job, and keep one.
Also, though Mr. Spacey is playing a Democrat he shows how there is no difference today between the Democrats and Republicans. They are one in the same. The Democrats are in charge, and the Republicans go along because they are there for the payoff as well. It is the Republicans turn to be the evil ones.
All legislations are designed to make the public believe one group is good and the other evil. And the legislations are the politicians bribes to the American citizens in order to control them.
Washington DC, it's all an act, it's all a soap opera, it's all designed to fool you.
Yes, it is all like a soap opera, and you could say pro wrestling. For a while all the good guys are good, and all the bad guys are bad. Then somewhere down the road the bad guys become the good guys and vice versa.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Leftist Liberals - You ARE Hamas

Ever since the current crisis in Israel over the constant barrage of explosive rockets being fired into that country from neighboring Gaza, I have been witness to, and part of the great debate of what I see as growing anti-Semitism not only throughout the world, but here in the United states as well.
That's correct, I am calling it what it is, blatant anti-Semitism. I am at the point where I do not want to hear the following phrase from any leftist liberal any more:
"I'm not against the Jews, I'm against Israel."
Sorry, it just is not done that way. And when I point out that Israel is the Jewish state, their answer to that is, "Not everyone in Israel is Jewish".
This is typical leftist liberal garbage. I have always said that liberals practice their prejudices covertly. Now I have my answer to them.
You do not have to do or say anything bigoted - - -  to be a bigot.
You do not have to do or say anything racist - - - to be a racist.
You do not have to do or say anything anti-Semitic - - - to be an anti-Semite.
You can prove yourselves by doing otherwise.  
In the past few weeks I have seen videos and seen internet postings calling for the boycott of Israel and all goods produced there.
I saw video of persons in Belfast in Northern Ireland walk into a local grocery store and remove all Israeli products, place them in carts then stand in the aisle to intimidate anyone who wanted to purchase these products.
I've seen a member of the British Parliament declaring his district as an "ISRAEL FREE ZONE".
I have also seen the image of an Austrian Mayor desecrating an Israeli flag, Yes, that Austria, the country that gave the world Adolph Hitler.
Then there are the anti-Israel demonstrations here in the United States, calling for a FREE PALESTINE. Don't try to fool me, "FREE PALESTINE" today is code words for "KILL THE JEWS".
Question: How can you FREE PALESTINE? There is no such place as PALESTINE.
All this because the terrorist organization known as HAMAS keeps firing explosives in Israel and Israel, with the right to defend itself, retaliates.  Unfortunately, as with any act of war, innocents are killed. And HAMAS uses every image of every dead child in order to humiliate Israel and turn the world against her.
However, I NEVER hear from the leftist liberals ANY condemnation against HAMAS for firing these rockets, for breaking every cease fire. Hell, I never hear any condemnation from any so called "PALESTINIAN" for the same, or ANY demand from and leftist or "PALESTINIAN" for HAMAS to leave Gaza. I also NEVER see or hear of ANY so called "PALESTINIAN" fighting back to keep their wives, children or even themselves from being used as human shields against Israeli retaliation.
But I do see leftist liberals holding up and posting pictures of any child that is killed because of Israeli retaliation. Sorry, but I believe that the leftists, through their covert anti-Semitism, are using these dead children just as much as HAMAS is in order to promote their anti Israel and anti Jewish agenda. The leftists are just as guilty as HAMAS.
All I see and hear is sympathy. Sympathy not only for these so called "PALESTINIANS" but for HAMAS as well.
Which just brings me now to this conclusion: Leftist Liberals who sympathize with HAMAS and condone their actions instead of condemning them, I accuse you, and the so called passive "PALESTINIANS" of this, because you all are one in the same.
You ARE - - - HAMAS!
You ARE - - - Al Quieda
You ARE - - - ISIS
You ARE - - - Hezzbullah
You ARE - - - Boko Horom
You ARE - - - The P.L.O.
You support them - - - you ARE them.

Thursday, August 21, 2014


We are doomed.

I repeat - - - WE - - - ARE - - - DOOMED.

We are doomed as a society, as a nation and as a culture.

Why do I say this? Because of something that I recently was involved with and witnessed. It seemed like a small incident at the time, however, the reaction of the people just made me realize that we are destined to be destroyed.
I'm not going to mention the name of the business, but just to let you know that it is a retailer with a very well known name, that deals in mostly in both women's and men's clothing and accessories.  Over the last weekend, during the early afternoon, a small electrical fire erupted. It came from a light fixture where there was a small explosion, followed by a ball of flame.  The fire, though small was enough though for the fire alarm to go off, and for the management to call for the evacuation of the building. Because of the fact that a small fire may erupt into a big one
The manager of the store twice went on the intercom system to announce that the building had to be evacuated.  The more intelligent people calmly left through the front of the building and out into the parking lot.
However, it was the people who remained behind that I helped the management with in order to get them to evacuate that - - - really - - - I will give the following examples - - - and really - - - you just can't make these things up. And I need to emphasize that these following acts were done by men and women both.
Also, I need to emphasize that the smell of smoke was now throughout the building and the fire alarm was sounding off.
Two women with their arms full of dresses and other items were arguing that they have been there for hours and were demanding that we take the time to put their names on their merchandise and hold it.
Three teenagers were sitting on a sofa, yes, you guessed it, mindlessly staring at the screens of there iPhones and texting.
A man arguing that he wanted the salesperson in jewelry first take the time to show him a Burberry watch.
Two women refusing to leave because the had not decided on which shoes they needed to take and still had some pairs to try on.
One woman taking pictures of boots and shoes with her iPhone in order to send to some other woman 20 miles away to show her and ask for her opinion telling me, "I just have to take pictures of two other pair, can you wait a minute?"
Another woman asking if she has time enough to try a dress on in the dressing room.
Two women with an eight year old boy in a dressing room trying clothes on the child informing me that the boy is not dressed, should they put some clothes on him first.
One woman looking at me with a snide expression asking me, "Is this really necessary?"
Once outside, there were three fire trucks and a police vehicle parked right at the front entrance, lights all flashing, people asking, "Can we go in?"
One guy, who looked like "Pajama Boy" above coming up to me with an agitated tone in his voice as if he was now REALLY inconvenienced, asking me, "Do you know how long this is going to take?" I told him no that I did not. He then demanded, "Well, can you tell me who CAN tell me how long?" I said yes and pointed to the Fire Chief and said, "He can."
Guys coming up saying, "Can we go in real quick? We know what we want and exactly where it is. It will only take a minute."
But the topper had to be the two teenage girls who waited for three hours for the store to reopen because one of them "simply just had to have" this certain pair of sunglasses.
I just looked at them all and said to myself, "We're doomed. THIS - - - is what is going to inherit America. We are all good as dead."
I don't know what started it or what created this, but we are now A NATION OF WIMPS. I don't know where the blame lies or of the origins. The 60's, feminism, political correctness, whatever. But people today are spoiled self centered brats, (in any age group), and have placed themselves in a bubble and have no concept of reality.
I'm going to say something that might really offend, but right now, I don't care. To our men and women in the military: Do your time, walk away, and collect your pensions because the people who will inherit America have now proven themselves UNWORTHY to be a true Americans.  The enemy can right now, just walk over our borders and take over without firing a shot because everyone is so self absorbed into the unimportant.
And I can just see these so called American citizens of today, when the enemy is here and has them all lined up. When they force them to kneel down and begin to saw their heads off with a butcher knife. They will stare at it in disbelief and cry out "Look at that man with the knife and what he is doing! That is soooooo RUDE!"