Friday, January 9, 2009

YOU HAVE ... Nobody else

One of the hypocrisy's that really irks me about left wingers, especially the secular, socialist, "progressive", limousine liberals that saturate Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general; is how they will rant and bloviate about all the evils and wrongs of the world. All the time pointing fingers at conservatism and religion, sternly holding those two institutions to blame.

Then, after a trying few minutes of this ranting in order to get some face time on television or those endless amount of magazines that keep those faces in ours, they need a little marijuana or cocaine to help them cope with the stresses of their lives and of their "work".

Hey Hollywood! Everytime you purchase an illegal narcotic or "recreational drug", and you believe that your little amount of money you spent is "just innocent and means nothing", just so that you can have that "little buzz" to help you get through your rough day at "work" or what ever lame excuse you have to indulge; just remember this.

This is what you have done covertly:

YOU ... have participated in somebody's murder.
YOU ... have participated in somebody's rape.
YOU ... have helped purchase dangerous weapons for the street gangs in America.
YOU ... have made somebody keep selling themselves with prostitution.
YOU ... have helped finance radical islamic jihadist terrorists.
YOU ... have participated in child prostitution.
YOU ... have participated in an armed robbery.
YOU ... have participated in a burglary.
YOU ... have contributed to a family's anguish.
YOU ... have helped to contribute to the lavish lifestyles of those in organized crime.
YOU ... have helped contribute to political corruption.
YOU ... have helped push someone to commit suicide.
YOU ... have participated in domestic violence.
YOU ... have participated in a drive by shooting.
YOU ... are part of the blame for the death of an innocent due to that drive by shooting.
YOU ... have contributed to a mother and father's heartbreak.
YOU ... have contributed to the deterioration of society.
YOU ... have contributed to the spread of AIDS along with other STD's and diseases.
YOU ... have helped to finance genocide.
YOU ... have participated in the suppression of an indigenous people.
YOU ... have helped keep many people in the world in poverty.
YOU ... have helped to keep a tyrannical dictator in power.
YOU ... have assisted a totalitarian government.
YOU ... have help suppress the citizens of a third world nation.
YOU ... are partially responsible for the maiming and deaths of Law Enforcement and Military personnel.

Shall I continue? I have a lot more.

That's correct ... YOU. Because as with any other type of corruption, all you have to do is ...follow the money. And that $5, $10, $50 or $100 that you spend to purchase these illegal narcotics is all combined with the others who are just like ... YOU.

YOU ... have done this ... YOU HAVE ... nobody else.
So the next time you bloviate on the evils and of the moral decline in the world today, before you start pointing your finger at who YOU believe is the blame ... place it on your own face first.

NOTE: Do you ever notice the double standard of Hollywood when it does come to drug addiction? When Robert Downey Jr. or Britney Spears drug addictions became public, they were shown much sympathy while in rehab, (and in Mr. Downey's case, prison), then treated as heroes when they overcame their habits. However, whenever the subject of George W. Bush or Rush Limbaugh's addiction come up, they are treated as pariahs and are ridiculed.