Sunday, September 13, 2009


I've decided that, like all other conservative thinkers do, that I am going to create my own list that deals with the hypocrisy and the mindset of the liberal secular progressives. I have them just come to me by observing their behaviour and listening to them as they try to debate the real problematic issues of the day. I'm just going to write them down as they come to me, and with them now occupying all branches of our government, it not easy to even try to avoid it. I'm going to refer to them a UNACCEPTED TRUTHS, (UT'S). Because these are the things that liberals will deny the most, when the truth of their socialistic agendas and behaviors are proven wrong not just by modern failure, but also when they have been tested by history and shown to be wrong.

On the day before the eighth anniversary of the attack on our country of September 11, 2001, actor Charlie Sheen released another one of his diatribes of his beliefs that it was in fact, George W. Bush and his administration, that staged the attacks by Al Quieda. That somehow President Bush had planted, during his short time in office, explosives in the World Trade Center and Building 7 and brought them down ourselves to justify his war in Iraq.

Usually we would treat people like this as mental cases except in Charlie's case, what is most disgusting is not only the blatant slap in the face by him to the families and friends of all who died that day; no, what is disgusting is that he will remain on Hollywood's payroll no matter what future acts even more abominable he commits. He is an "actor" and an "artist" These in my opinion are just words that the elitists in Hollywood use to shield and justify their irreparable actions. So, here is Unaccepted Truth number One:


What I mean by this is that if Charlie Sheen, and his cohorts in Hollywood were to never, ever make another motion picture or television series ever again, nobody will ever notice. They are so self centered, ill educated, shallow and narcissistic that they in their hearts believe that the starry eyed adoring fans wait with baited breath on their every word and whim.

The truth is that if Charlie, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Danny Glover, Dakota Fanning, Oliver Stone, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Cameron Diaz and every other Hollywood limousine liberal would fall off the face of the earth, really, nobody will ever notice - - - or even care. What is also appalling about these "artists" is that they also refuse to see the impact that they create financially in Hollywood with this type of behaviour. A perfect example of this is Sean Penn. Ever since his delusional crusade against George W. Bush, which is fueled by his psychotic hatred towards the man, Penn actually believes that everyone agrees with him.

Penn also goes beyond the hatred for George W. Bush to the hatred of his own country. It was not Penn's crusade against Bush that made me decide to make sure that I see that not one dime of my hard earned disposable income gets filtered into his bank account through the purchase of any movie ticket or rental of his films. It was two other things. First, his frequent acts of treason by giving aid and comfort to leaders of foreign countries who are determined to destroy the United States. (And he will turn a blind eye to these leaders totalitarian and suppressive actions against their own citizens). Second was his protesting of the execution of Tookie Williams, the founder of one of America's most notorious street gangs. Williams was sentenced to death because he shot gunned to death four innocent people - - - for sport.

Penn, and the rest of Hollywood also turn a blind eye to the declining ticket sales to their films. However, the accountants of the Hollywood studios have not. Sean Penn's last films have never gone above number 10 in the week of the films opening. He loses money for his studios and this is where these "artists" are learning that they indeed are part of capitalism, and in fact make their living with it. In fact, one Hollywood film critic even wrote that Sean Penn now is "Box Office Poison."

Charlie Sheen is so dumb and keeps himself inside of his bubble so much that he has never noticed what Rosie O'Donnell's mouth has done to destroy her career. What Charlie and his ilk must learn is that they are not "artists". Hell, they are not even actors, they are movie stars, and practically anybody can be a movie star, just look at Oprah Winfrey. If they truly believe that they are great actors, then I challenge them to try it on the stage.

Think to yourselves though, think of some actor that you though was great, even some singer, that just is not around anymore. They come and they go, they are a dime a dozen and they are no big deal.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


I would always joke, even before he was anointed as Vice President, that every time I saw Joe Biden and/or heard him speak, I always felt as if I were buying a bad used car.

Now that we have spent $3,000,000,000.00 in American taxpayer dollars for the CASH FOR CLUNKERS program, I guess we can all say that we have.


Thursday, September 3, 2009


Business in Chicago, needless to say, has not been doing very well lately. Empty store fronts are appearing everywhere; and the city, along with Cook County, have not helped at all. In fact, they have made the matter worse. We have a 10.25% sales tax rate, which I may add, just recently lost the vote in the Cook County Board to have it rolled it back.

You can now expect to spend anywhere from $30.00 to $40.00 just to park your car for two to three hours in any of the parking lots. The city of Chicago does not like people who have cars, however, that's a subject of a later blog of mine.

Chicago is still the only city in America that has its own tollway system. Every major expressway coming in to and out of the city has a toll booth eagerly waiting to take your spare change in order to enter and leave. What is so absurd about this is that they have the audacity to call the the ILLINOIS Tollway System, when there is no place else in the state of Illinois that has the toll booths. Believe me, it is the CHICAGO TOLLWAY SYSTEM.

Then there are all of the other fees and taxes that are levied on the businesses of Chicago. The restaurants now must pay a tax on all the gas they use to cook the food, and even charge a tax to customers who use Styrofoam containers to take their food home. We better add the fact of the high unemployment rate due to this present bad economic downturn.

With all these taxes and fees, our beloved public officials have made it very unappealing and expensive for those people who live outside of the city, to use whatever now small amount of disposable income they may have left, to come into the city and have a good time on a Friday and Saturday evening. They are all deciding to look for establishments in their own towns to frequent. Even the citizens of downtown Chicago themselves are coming out to the suburbs for their entertainment, because it is less expensive than going to the establishment right outside of their own doors.

So, what may you ask does this have to do with our Queen, Oprah the First? Our Queen, her Highness, has commanded that the largest entity of cash flow for the city, that being Michigan Avenue and the "Magnificent Mile" to be closed for two or three days so that she may give to the world, her special anniversary show, to be videotaped live on Michigan Avenue.

Never mind that she will be causing a huge disruption of business and traffic. No, this is Oprah, and this is what she wants. And to make sure she gets her way, she has commanded her servant, Richard the Second, (Mayor Richard Daley), to inform the masses that this ... is for their own good. Even telling the peasants that Her Highness, Oprah the First, is a Chicago icon, that she deserves this, and that this will ... are you ready for this ... CREATE JOBS. (I want to see just one).

Oprah Winfrey is living proof that liberals ... are everything that they stand against.

It is totally unacceptable to liberals that any CEO of a corporation flies in a private jet to a meeting, but it is perfectly acceptable for Oprah.

It is totally unacceptable for a corporate executive to make the six figure salaries that they do, but perfectly acceptable for Oprah.

That any expensive material object that a business executive has in his or her possession is always scrutinized, but it is always acceptable for Oprah to openly flaunt hers.

Wealthy people are criticized by Barack Hussein Obama for going to Las Vegas, but Oprah going to Monaco is just so wonderful in the eyes of her subjects.

Oprah Winfrey is no longer a talk show hostesses, (who, if you remember, got her start doing the same thing as Jerry Springer). No, Oprah Winfrey is the high priestess of her own religious cult, where she is the idol that is worshiped.

It is our Queen, Oprah the First, who has given us Barack Hussein Obama, and she is the person who has originally anointed him as "THE ONE". She brings Barack and Michelle on her show many times, cooing and drooling over the both of them. And then tells the world that she will never interview Sarah Palin because ... she does not want to use her show for any political reasons. And her subjects accept this, and defend it.

Oprah should be imprisoned just for giving the world Dr. Phil. A man who is not even a psychologist. He was stripped of his license in Texas, for some inappropriate behaviour with a patient.

I believe though that GOD in His Almighty mercy will bestow upon us all, during the taping of this show, one of the greatest rain storms ever over this two to three day period just to keep it from happening. And then a great realization shall come to our Her Majesty. She will return to her ivory tower on Michigan Avenue and deal with the reality that GOD has given her a message. And that is:


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Obama, Lincoln and King

You know, I really wish that President Barack Hussein Obama would stop comparing himself with Abraham Lincoln and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Because Abraham Lincoln made his decisions and enacted his policies to bring an end to slavery - - - not to create it.

And the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Well, he had a dream - - - not a nightmare.