Monday, June 29, 2009

Bend Over

Barack Obama.

A politician who learned how to govern Chicago Style;

Who just took over Detroit business;

And will now make over the other 49 states into California.

(Wait a minute, according to President Obama, the other 56 states).

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

Well now we're into the first full day after the death of Michael Jackson, and it appears that all of the other real troubles in the world have had their priority downgraded.

I'm surprised that they are not going to have cameras in the coroners room to broadcast his autopsy live.

So, I suppose that for the next two weeks or so we'll be bombarded with his videos on television, his music on the radio, and the ceaseless "candlelight vigils" all over the world. The real disappointment will come to his most rabid of admirers when, three days after his burial, he WILL NOT be resurrected from the dead and ascend into heaven.

Now we see the reports of how when Jacko died that he was at least $500,000,000.00 in debt. Well that problem will be easily resolved with the next 12 months. Because unfortunately in this situation, (as was the situation with Elvis Presley), Michael Jackson is going to make more money dead than alive.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chaz Bono, My Concern for People Like "Him"

Recently, Ms. Chastity Bono, daughter of Cher and the late Sonny Bono, announced that she will soon undergo the surgical procedures necessary to become: Chaz Bono, the SON of Cher and the late Sonny Bono.

Now, I'm going to state my belief that may come as a shock to some of you. I believe that homosexuality - - - is normal. I believe that it is natural. Meaning, that I believe one is born a homosexual or lesbian. It is not, as some believe, a lifestyle of, or by choice. The only thing that is unnatural about the same sex relationships are that the homosexual and lesbian sex act cannot produce a pregnancy.

When it comes to the subject of the "transgendered' though, that I have to say can not be deemed as natural. Ms. Bono is a masculine female, and there are feminine males. They may be "females in a man's body" physically, and vice versa. But I am sorry, even after Ms. Bono successfully completes her surgery, in reality she will always be a female who is cosmetically and surgically enhanced to appear as a male. (And vice versa for the male to female surgery).

Three thousand years from now, when some futuristic anthropologist and/or archaeologist digs up Ms. Bono's remains and runs the DNA test on her calcified skeleton, they will make the scientific determination that they have found the remains of a female.

Now, here is my concern for the transgendered people of the world. It is something that concerns me because it is NOT natural. In order for Ms. Bono to remain looking as Mr. Bono, she/he will have to undergo lifelong drug and hormone therapies. Now, if she were a real male after this surgery, why then will she require testosterone treatments for the rest of her life? If she were a real male, why then can't she produce her own male hormones?

She will have to have these treatments because her body, still being that of a natural female, cannot remain looking male. Her body will always be fighting the effects of the treatments. This is in actuality a silent and gentle continuous trauma to her body. (And again vice versa to all male to female transgendered).

My concern is what long term effect this lifelong internal battle have on the transgendered? How does this effect their long term health? What is the life expectancy of a person who is surgically transgendered?

Is there any scientists in the health profession that have ever studied these long term affects?

Has the urge for instant gratification taken prescedent over what may be right? And that is for those who believe that they were born the wrong physical gender, that they may just have to accept and live with what they were born with. If you are a masculine female, just live with what you have, it may be safer.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Billy" Joe Biden

I'm a survivor of the Jimmy Carter era.

It amazes me that, well, Jimmy Carter is still alive and many other people who had to bear the burdens his leadership caused are still alive also. And many of them did not learn from their own personal experience and history. Because they keep electing more "Jimmy Carter's."

We now have a President who with his own narcissism may just out do Jimmy Carter. Can you imagine that? Barack Hussein Obama may just out "Jimmy Carter" even Jimmy Carter.

I would say that all that is missing for Obama is Billy Carter. But then I realize that Barack Obama has Joe Biden.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Suspension of Donte Stallworth

"The conduct reflected in your guilty plea resulted in the tragic loss of life and was inexcusable. While the criminal justice system has determined the legal consequences of this incident, it is my responsibility as NFL commissioner to determine the appropriate league discipline for your actions, which have caused irreparable harm to the victim and his family, your club, your fellow players and the NFL."

- - - Roger Goodell
NFL Commissioner
In his letter to Cleveland Browns WR Donte' Stallworth
on his league suspension
June 18, 2009

Finally! A commissioner of a professional sports league that has a set of some BIG STEEL ONES. This decision was handed down to Donte Stallworth, wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, after he pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Stallworth is responsible for the death of 59 year old Mr. Mario Reyes, a Miami construction worker, who was running to catch a bus after his shift at about 7:15 AM. That's right I said AM, as in the early morning. Stallworth was driving while under the influence of alcohol because he had been drinking all night at the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami Beach.

However the real tragedy came when the judge in Stallworth's case sentenced him to, are you ready for this, just 30 DAYS IN JAIL! To say this sentence is outrageous is a gross understatement. Stallworth also had his drivers license in Florida suspended for life, must undergo drug and alcohol testing, and must perform 1,000 hours on community service.

Stallworth signed a seven year, $35, 000, 000.00 contract with the Cleveland Browns and the night before he got drunk and killed Mr. Reyes he earned a $4,500,000.00 roster bonus. So Stallworth had plenty of money to get himself such a light sentence. Funny, all he would of have to of done is take maybe $500 that night to invest in the services of a limousine. Hell, maybe even just $30 for a cab, or Jeez, he could even of just stayed at the hotel.

Stallworth has the option to meet with Commissioner Goodell, and Stallworth's attorney, Mr. David Cornwell, states that he hopes that the Commsioner will take this opportunity to review "the unique facts involved" to help reduce Stallworth's suspension.

Mr. Cornwell, the only "unique facts" that the Commissioner or anybody else in this country has to know is that you have to be a complete and total brain dead moron to not know that drinking and driving anywhere in this country is illegal and deadly.

There was a unique case here in Illinois some years ago where a woman, who was taking a nap on the sofa in her own living room was killed by a drunk driver who swerved off the road and plowed his car right into her house. The ironic thing about the situation was that the woman was a high ranking member of the local chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, (M.A.D.D.).

I am so overjoyed to finally have a commissioner of a professional sports league finally stand up to these overpaid, over spoiled self made divas who have been allowed to denigrate and destroy the integrity of the sports world and give them the long overdue spanking they deserve. And I'm am so proud that it is coming from the commissioner of the league that is my favorite sport.

I don't want to hear about how "hard" they work and the "pressure" that they are under. They dare try to compare their "hard work and pressure" to the everyday Joe, (and Josephine), white or blue collar, who is out there everyday busting their butts? Especially in this economy? I would gladly love to get paid millions of dollars to work out, lift weights, study my upcoming opponent and play a game.

Why am I so passionate about this? Well the answer is that this deals with something that I personally have experienced. You see, I am one one the rarest survivors of a head on collision with a drunk driver. About eleven years ago I was on my way home from one of the locations of my family's business. It was just past 9:00 PM and I was taking the usual path home. The road I usually took was under reconstruction and had been narrowed down to a single two way blacktop. I was traveling at 35 MPH, up ahead I saw some headlights appear and they were swerving, I believed at first that the driver was trying to avoid debris in the road. It turned out that he was extremely intoxicated and at that moment he was traveling at 65 MPH. He swerved in front of me in the last 20 yards his car was traveling and we met head on with the combined impact of over 100 MPH.

I was knocked unconscious for a couple of minutes. But what made me state that I am one of the RAREST survivors of a head on DUI incident is you see, even though I had to be cut out of my car, and even though I had to go to the emergency room, I got to go home two hours after the incident. I walked out of the hospital with minor bruises and some aches and pains; and of course now minus a car.

The other guy? Well that's another story. He had to have his blood alcohol level tested intravenously and the results were that he was THREE and ONE HALF times over the legal limit in the state of Illinois at that time, (it was LOWERED some months later). His car was split in four pieces. He suffered two broken legs, a broken arm, eight broken ribs, a skull fracture and over 400 stitches.

But my point is that there are other victims in DUI more than the sober party and their family. There is the family of the DUI driver themselves. I found that the man who struck me had a wife and children at home and he made his living working for a local landscaper. This man could of been killed himself and he had a family at home that depended on him to support them. Yes, he is the one who chose to get totally hammered that night, and he is the one that is at total fault in my situation. However, if he were killed that night, do you think that I could live easily knowing that I was involved in that?

When you drink and drive, you put your own family and loved ones at risk also. If you take the life of someone because of your DUI, in my opinion it's murder. You might as well take a gun and fire randomly into a crowd, it is the same thing.

I'd love to hear from anyone who can argue with that.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Have Marked His Words

"Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We are about to elect a brilliant 47 year old senator president of the United States of America Remember I said it standing here if you don't remember anything else that I said. Watch, we're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy".

---Sen. Joe Biden

October 2008

at a democratic Fundraiser in Seattle

I'm sorry to start out with Joe Biden's full quote but I'm not into editing thing with that ". . . " routine. Joe said this right after both the Republican and democratic conventions were finished. This goes to show you the "character" of Joe Biden. He always has to say something and get in front of that camera first. When there is a presidential election, and both parties have their candidates chosen; then those four people begin to get briefings from the intelligence agencies in our government. This is where they learn of all of the real bad things going on in the world that not even they were privy to until their nominations. After the elections, then the winners, this now meaning Obama and Biden, are then briefed on all the other things that are were still not privy too.

After the initial briefings to the Republican and democratic candidates, I would have to wager that all had their jaws drop to find out that yes, it really is that bad out there in the world. So what happened here? Did you all notice what I did? I noticed this after those first initial briefings:

Barack Obama kept his mouth shut.
John McCain kept his mouth shut.
Sarah Palin kept her mouth shut.

Joe Biden jumped in front of the first camera he saw and made the above statement. Joe Biden is responsible for some of the most sensitive material coming from our intelligence agencies, and he's just gotta go blurt out what he learned to just to grandstand and try to get elected. Come on, is Sarah Palin still looking bad to all of you now? Plus, there's all of Joe's other gaffes, but that's for many other blogs.

Mr. Biden continued and went on to say "I can give you four or five scenarios from where it might originate." I probably can give more, however for now I will discuss only two.

My two points though are not scenarios, they are events happening at this very moment; and these are not "a generated crisis" as Joe Biden states. These are deliberate acts of aggression. The first event is in Iran, not only with the current political upheaval over the elections, but the self proclaimed winner, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is openly building a nuclear arsenal, conducting missile tests and as a recognized head of state is openly threatening, and calling for the complete destruction of the state of Israel. He is also a recognized head of state that denies the historical fact that is known as The Holocaust.

I have noticed that with the upheaval in the streets of Iran, President Obama prefers to remain neutral, that he does not want to meddle in the affairs of Iran, he won't even show support to the protesters in the streets. However, President Obama does meddle in the affairs of Israel by telling Benjamin Netanyahu where he can and can not build Israeli settlements.

In my opinion, as long as Barack Hussein Obama is President of the United States, then Israel is completely on their own; and that anyone who does not support America, does not support Israel.

The other event is North Korea. Kim Jong Il is openly conducting nuclear tests, openly conducting missile tests, currently has an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, (ICBM), on a North Korean launch pad, and has his government state that the armistice between him and South Korea is null and void, thus technically restarting the hostilities that was known as the Korean War. He also now holds two American "journalists" prisoner in the North Korean "work camps."

Vice President Biden, I say this to you and everyone in this country. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong Il are NOT "testing" this young president as you say. They are in fact threatening him. Why? Because they can, because he is weak and they know he is weak. He is inexperienced in these matters and they know it.

There is an old saying, and I will have to clean it up here because of my rules on swearing, so I'll edit it:


Both Kim and Ahmadinejad both have been BS'ing a lot longer than Barack Obama, they own their countries media as does Obama here, well 95% of it anyway. But there is one thing that Obama has to his disadvantage in the United States than Kim and Ahmadinejad do not have in North Korea and Iran. That disadvantage here is known as the 2nd Amendment. (It's still a disadvantage so far anyway).

Joe Biden said of Obama that night when it comes to foreign policy, "This guy has it." As if all he has to to is raise his hands to these two tyrants and they both will see the errors of their ways and stop what they're doing immediately.

I was on Teri Obrien's Blogtalk Radio Show last Sunday and she asked a question of basically what it is going to take for all the starry eyed supporters of President Obama to realize that they are wrong in their unwavering love for him.

My answer was that it WILL have to take Iran to launch a nuclear attack on Israel, and that it WILL have to take Kim Jong Il to pour his troops over the South Korean border and start the Korean War all over again; and unfortunately it WILL take another terrorist attack on our country that will be worse that 9/11. Because an upper level person in the FBI stated after the attacks of 9/11 that "there was not enough blood", because people will forget this all with time.

Biden also stated that "this is more than just a capital crisis, this is more than just the markets." The economy is what Obama keeps us focused on so that we won't see just how weak he is on these other, yes, more important matters. Why is President Obama more concerned with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity more than Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Why is he more concerned with FOX NEWS, than with these tyrannical regimes?

Oh, I know what's going to happen. Kim WILL invade South Korea and fire missiles at Japan and the closest U.S. soil; and Ahmadinejad WILL fire nuclear missiles and Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Tel Aviv, there WILL be a more destructive attack in the United States; and Obama and his hordes will find a way to blame George W. Bush.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Time for another cocktail recipe from your favorite Internet bartender. This one is called the BLUE MARTINI, or you can even refer to it by its nickname: WINDEX. After I give you the recipe I'll give you a scenario on how to serve it in a certain situation.

For this cocktail you will need:

3 1/2 ounces of Vodka
1/2 ounce of Blue Curacao


First, chill the martini glass by filling it with ice and water, then set it to the side. Take your metal martini shaker, fill it with ice, then add the Blue Curacao followed by the Vodka. Cover and shake the ingredients vigorously for 20 to 30 seconds, let the customer see the condensation grow on the shaker. (I prefer martinis made "James Bond Style," meaning shaken, not stirred). Then dump the ice and water from the martini glass and strain the ingredients into it. Garnish with either a lemon twist or an orange peel twist. If the Blue Martini is made properly it will look just like the glass cleaner WINDEX. (Adjust the amount of Blue Curacao to attain this).

Now here's a good scenario. Woman comes into your bar, by the way she is dressed you can tell that she is a business woman. She looks a bit tired and worn out. When you ask for her order she tells you that she's had a bad day and to make something special. Start to make the Blue Martini, during your preparation ask her then if she has ever seen the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". Of course she will answer "yes" because it only happens to be the highest grossing chick flick in the history of motion pictures. Ask her then if she remembers the character of the obsessively Greek father, again she will answer yes. Ask her then if she remembers the fathers cure for practically everything. At that point place the chilled martini glass in front of her and say:

"Here then, put a little WINDEX on it."

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm Not Buying It

As long as President Obama, along the liberal congress and senate, are the owners of Chrysler and GM, (don't fall for that crap that WE, the American taxpayers, are the owners), I WILL NOT buy anything manufactured from them. I will not buy any type of "automobile" that they will produce. I still have some sort of freedom of choice, and I choose TO NOT fall in line with this administration. I remember when I moved to Detroit in 1981 and I was warned by my old man that I HAD BETTER get rid of my foreign car before I arrived, if I wanted it to remain in one piece. I HAD BETTER BUY AMERICAN. Now Obama has made it so that we all will now look to Japan, South Korea, and Germany for our transportation. (May as well add Italy to this group, since they are now part of GM).

If you want to do the same, please do so while you can. Next thing you know Obama will appoint a "Purchasing Czar" to make sure we will buy from Obama Motors. (Hey, I have an idea, Obama can use Joe Biden as a pitchman for the new OBAMA MOTORS, he'd be perfect. I mean every time I see or hear Joe Biden, I feel like I'm buying a bad used car anyway. He's just like these guys you see on the auto dealer commercials, with those slicked back hair plugs and porcelain teeth).

Good thing I quit smoking 33 years ago, because Obama took over the tobacco industry yesterday.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Michael Moore-Give Them Your Piece of the Pie

"The truth is, most Americans don't want much. Folks don't want the whole pie, most Americans feel blessed to thrive a little bit. But that's out of reach for them. In order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone else is going to give up their piece of their pie so that someone else can have more."

- - - Michelle Obama
April 8, 2008
Campaigning in North Carolina

Now you're probably wondering why then do I have a picture of Michael Moore attached next to Mrs. Obama's statement. I'll tie them together at the end. On Monday, June 1, 2009, Mr. Moore had an article on his website on his "joy" on the demise of General Motors.

Mr. Moore states that he is filled with anxiety over what happened to what he says is his "hometown" Flint Michigan, that 40% of the homes and businesses are abandoned and how would we feel if we lived in a city where almost every house were empty? You know, I was born in Detroit in 1955, and in that year there were 3 million people living in Detroit, during the 60's and 70's there was a mass migration out and now the city has a population well below a million. My running joke is that "yeah, I'm from Detroit, FAR FROM Detroit. So this is nothing new to the state of Michigan. I can explain why Detroit is still empty and why Mr. Moore is only half correct on the demise of GM.

Mr. Moore believes that it was the policy of only the management of GM to allow an inferior product be made so that the public would be forced to purchase a new automobile every few years. I have a personal account that proved to me that this is not true and that the UAW workers had some hand in this debacle because my father worked in the auto plants and was a UAW member. He told me personally that the workers would deliberately install parts that they knew were of bad quality and would soon breakdown after the purchase of the automobile. When I asked him why they allowed this, his answer was: "Because mechanics at the auto dealers are union too".

Mr. Moore also makes the charge that GM and their management are responsible for bringing "misery, divorce, alcoholism, homelessness, physical and mental debilitation, and drug addiction to the people I grew up with". Does Mr. Moore actually believe that GM and the auto industry have a monopoly on miserable employees? Mr. Moore should pay a visit to employees who work on the sales floors for corporate retail stores in this country. (Oh damn, I just may have given him an idea for yet another one of his so called "documentaries").

Mr. Moore states that we the American taxpayers, under President Obama, will spend $50 billion dollars to try and save GM. Meanwhile the good news is that WE all now own GM. I will have to agree with Mr. Moore that "the only way to save GM is to kill GM", however I would rather it die under the natural laws of economics by going through bankruptcy than with the help of the government. (Capitalism without bankruptcy is like religion without sin). Because under bankruptcy, the courts will not only decide who will get paid what, but also who is responsible for the demise of the company and have them removed; and this not only means the management, but bad employees as well. With what I witnessed with my father and his co-workers, there are just as many bad employees in any company as well as management. Mr. Moore only wants to hold GM management responsible for this extreme downturn in the business of GM as well as the auto industry in general.

Mr. Moore then goes on with his own nine point, shall I dare say it, socialist program to not only save GM but the entire American auto industry. You begin to see Mr. Moore's absurdity right off in point number one. He is asking President Obama to do as President Franklin Roosevelt had done after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941; to inform the nation that "we are at war", and that this nation must now immediately convert our auto factories from building cars to other more important and vital machines.

(Now I'm surprised at two things here, first that Mr. Moore even acknowledged that WE WERE attacked at Pearl Harbor, and second, that he actually did not go off on a rant that it was somehow the fault of the United States that the Japanese attacked us in the first place).

Now the absurdity is that our enemy is not like that of Imperial Japan, rather the enemies are in actuality the CEO's of of the auto industry and also the other favorite liberal target, the CEO's of the oil industry. Mr. Moore goes on to state that the CEO's of the "Big Three" automakers have been making a product, (cars), that "are some of the greatest weapons of mass destruction responsible for global warming and the melting of our polar icecaps". That the CEO's of the oil industry "are committed to fleecing us whenever they can". He also added the lumber "tycoons" to this group. Yes, Mr. Moore is saying that our greatest enemy IS NOT an extreme organization that has bastardize a religion and has convinced themselves that everyone in the world who does not believe in that religion, or for that matter believe in that religion the way they do - - - must die, and GOD himself has given them permission to do so.

(NOTE: Al Gore said that the polar ice cap will be completely melted by September - - - 2008. Plus, can anybody ever show me any time in its history that any UAW worker, or any union oil worker or even any member of a lumberjack union had ever stopped what they were doing, quit their job, left their union to stand up to the company's that they were employed by and saying that they could no longer be a part of the manufacture of these "weapons of mass destruction" and to keep on participating in this ongoing assault on Mother Nature and the environment? I'll say confidently "no". So I state that the unions and their workers are just as responsible).
In points 2 thru 5 asks President Obama to NOT put another $30 billion dollar into the coffers of GM, but to now use that money, since we ALL now own GM, to keep the current workforce and to use these factories now to produce new models of transportation such as bullet trains that can cross the country in 17 hours, or from Chicago to Detroit in two. (Need I remind Mr. Moore that the government now runs AMTRAK, and it has been in the red for decades). He also wants these factories to build the vehicles needed for "light" rail systems for all cities; and for those who live in more rural areas the factories can build energy efficient clean buses.
Point six deals with of course how these factories must produce hybrid and all electric cars.

Point seven states that some of the factories are to be converted to produce windmills and solar panels and other alternate forms of energy. I notice that AGAIN, the option of nuclear power for electricity is not mentioned. (It acceptable by Mr. Moore and most liberals for Europe to have nuclear power plants, but not the United States; 83% of the electricity produced in France alone is from nuclear power).
Points 8 and 9 deal with what liberals love the most, taxes. However, these points contradict each other. Point eight states that we must then give tax incentives for anyone who travels by hybrid car, bus, or train and for anyone who converts their homes to use alternative energy. So, you'd think these people would be saving a buck or two. But then in point nine, Mr. Moore takes these savings from these people by having the government then impose a $2 tax on EVERY GALLON of gasoline. (Thus causing the prices of taking the bus and train to rise, as well as any product that requires to be shipped by using gasoline).

Now, let me tie this all together with what Mrs. Obama stated. Mr. Moore also stated in his column that the best way that we must transport ourselves is with the use of light rail, bullet trains and cleaner buses. Well Mr. Moore I say this to you, lead by example. I will, when you will. When I see you, dressed in a tuxedo, take the light rail to then catch the clean bus so that you can attend the next of those many awards shows that the entertainment industry has on television every seven to ten days, then I'll do it. When I see you in the same tuxedo take the METRA in Paris, and then a bus to Cannes, I'll do it. When I see you driving a SMART car everywhere, then I will do it.

Now, for the big challenge for you Mr. Moore. Do as the original Messiah said when he was asked by the rich man what he must do to follow him. Jesus told him to give up all that he had to the poor, then he could follow. I'm not asking you to go to the extreme that Jesus asked the rich man, no, but I will ask you to do what the wife of our present day messiah says. In fact, do what Joe Biden said Mr. Moore, yes, it's "time for you to get patriotic".

I know that your "documentary" Fahrenheit 9/11 has made millions of dollars for you, that your career has given you quite a good personal portfolio. Mr. Moore, it's time to give up your share of the pie. If you really care for the people of your "hometown" of Flint, and you know how hard their lives are at this time, then it's time for YOU to give THEM a huge share of YOUR pie. Take all the money that you have in you savings, your 401K, your stocks and bonds, all the money in you portfolio and cash it all in. Then have these monies changed in either VISA or American Express prepaid gift cards, all with an equal amount of your share of the pie, and distribute them to all the poor souls of Flint. However, I will amend this from what the original Messiah had asked, you can keep 4 million dollars of you pie for yourself. Because like Mrs. Obama has said, most "Americans don't want much. Folks don't want the whole pie." Come on Mr. Moore, do as our President, Vice-President and First Lady ask, prove to us that they are right, give up YOUR piece of the pie.

Come on Mr. Moore - - - LEAD BY EXAMPLE!

While you're at it, get all of your other friends to do the same. Barbra Streisand, Joy Behar, Rosie O'Donnell, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Danny Glover, Harry Belefonte, Nick Nolte, Sheryl Crow, Oliver Stone and Bruce Springsteen. Get them all to give up THEIR SHARE of the pie also.

Give it up Mr. Moore, or shut up. And by the way, take off that stupid Michigan State Spartans hat, you know that you are a closet Ohio State fan.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Bold Prediction on the Sarah Palin "Option"

The Government of North Korea has had an underground test of a nuclear weapon that is the equivalent of the one used on Hiroshima; that is followed by six missile tests, and now Kim Jong Il has an ICBM missile on a launch pad, this weapon has the capacity to reach American soil. To add to this, Kim Jong Il has suspended the armistice of 1953, therefore, according to Kim, the Korean War is officially back on. They have also now kidnapped two American "journalists" and are holding them as pawns to get what they can from President Obama.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran also has been testing missiles, is advancing his country's nuclear technology, is threatening to "wipe Israel off the map", and denies that the Holocaust even happened.

Israel now is on its own. (By the way, antisemitism is again on the rise in Europe, and I am sad to say, here in the United States as well).

Communism appears to making a comeback in Russia thanks to Vladimir Putin.

President Obama is showing that he has never been a student of either history, social studies and even economics by printing American currency and borrowing money from our enemies to "save the economy".

President Obama has successfully nationalized General Motors, Chrysler and many of the nations banks. As far as GM goes, the President keeps making the statement that he "doesn't want to be in the car business." If this is true then why is he?

The President now wants to nationalize our health care system.

The President has a media on his side that will never question or criticize anything he proposes and/or actually makes happen. All those who do criticize and question are berated, insulted, demonized and threatened.

This isn't a Presidency, this is a cult.

Trillions, trillions of dollars being printed and spent, and many of our citizens keep themselves in denial over the near future consequences that are coming over these policies.

And all of this because people were convinced that SARAH PALIN would be bad for the country. Sarah Palin would be more dangerous. You know, Sarah Palin actually knows what it is like to be in the work force. She was never pampered and given a free ride through the top institutions of higher learning in this country as was Obama. A man who has absolutely no idea of how the world really is; who has no idea what evil is.

A President that is so into himself and of how he is being portrayed, (Thank you Oprah for "The One"), that he believes that our enemies don't see him as an American, and that they don't want him as dead as the rest of us.

Here is my bold prediction:

That six months from now, most of the people who voted for President Obama, (to "send a message"), will start to believe that the option of Sarah Palin maybe wasn't so bad at all.

American Feminists-Recommended Reading-BURNED ALIVE

I highly suggest that everybody, especially the so-called feminists in the United States, to read this book. It is called BURNED ALIVE, a Victim of the Law of Men, by SOUAD.

It is the true story of a young girl who is raised under Islamic Sharia Law and what is known as "The Law of Men". Under these laws women have absolutely no rights at all, and their value is believed to be of less than that farm livestock. In fact, her father would tell her that a "cow is more valuable than a woman, because what could you get for a woman?"

She falls in love with a man in her village. The man knows of the feelings of the young girl towards him and one day seduces her as she was attending to the livestock. The man told her that he loved her and gave the impression that he would marry her. However, that was not to be and Souad later discovers that she has been impregnated by this man.

In this culture a young girl who becomes pregnant out of wedlock brings great dishonor to her family. When it is discovered by the men in the family of her pregnancy, one of them was placed in charge of bringing back that family honor. Souad was then targeted with the practice of "honor killing."

The way it was done to her is that the chosen male family member came to her house when she was alone. When her back was turned he then poured petrol all over her and then set her alight. She ran from her yard and onto the street where the other women managed to put out the flames.

Souad survived the attack. However, she spent weeks in a "hospital room" with her chin literally welded to her chest. She received no medical attention whatsoever, reason being that she was sent to this hospital "room" to die, because the "doctors and nurses" of this hospital believed in the practice of honor killing. While she lay in her "bed", Souad gave birth to her son.

An Israeli woman hears of Soaud's plight and negotiates to have her released to her as well as her son. The Israeli woman succeeds and has Soaud taken to a hospital in Israel, where afterwards, when she is strong enough to, has her taken to a European country where she still hides to this day.

Every time you pick up this book you'll find that you cannot help but to stare into the eyes of her masked face. Her face was not disfigured in the fire, she wears the mask to hide her identity, because she still fears for her life today. Her family is still dishonored because she did not die, and they are still sworn to finish what they started with her; and she knows that they will travel anywhere to finish what they started.

I challenge any American woman who considers herself a "feminist" to read this book. Afterwards, ask yourselves, "where do you stand on REAL issues that concern women? Not in this country, but worldwide?" After reading Soaud's story can you see how the women's movement for women "rights" in this country will seem trivial?

Where are the feminists and their organizations in America when it comes to women's rights around the world. In countries and cultures where women are not allowed to drive; not allowed to travel alone unless they are with a male family member; not allowed to participate in elections; are not allowed to get an education; are not allowed to have a say on who they are to marry; not allowed to learn to read or write; and not allowed to testify in court against any man who has violated them?

How about in countries and cultures whose idea of divorce is to take the woman out into the front yard, tell her three times that you divorce her, then put a bullet in the back of her head? (Or even suffer the same fate as Souad).

Let's go to a more "modern" country, China. I know how the feminists feel about abortion, but how do they feel about state forced abortion like they do have in China, because in that country every family is only allowed to have one child. When a women becomes pregnant a second or third time, the state forces her to abort the child.

Where is Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinam, Jane Fonda, Patricia Ireland and the National Organization for Women on the violation of the human rights to women all over the world. Why so silent? What are they doing?
Oh, I can answer that, they have two priorities here in America for Women's Rights.
1. To have the right to get an abortion no matter what the reason and no matter how long in the pregnancy, and:

2. To make sure that some day women will be able to get memberships at the Augusta National Golf Club.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


June 6, 1944, today is the 65th anniversary of D-Day, the invasion of Normandy which resulted in the liberation of all Europe and northern Africa.
For those of us who can: REMEMBER AND HONOR. This is why they are referred to as: THE GREATEST GENERATION.
For those young people who don't, take those stupid iPods out of your ears and take the time to learn the difference between of what is right and important, from what is popular. Then when you've come to the point where you can differentiate between the two, then you too will REMEMBER AND HONOR.

Hey President Obama, I'm watching the ceremonies right now. Where is Queen Elizabeth II? Someone who actually, as a young girl, participated in the fight? What's the matter? Afraid she would take away from your camera time? I didn't politicize this, you and Sarkozy did when you both deliberately snubbed her.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Let's Re-Name Wrigley Field

I moved to Chicago over three decades ago from Scottsdale Arizona. Yes, while growing up in Scottsdale I did happen to fall under the infatuation with the Chicago cubs because they use to play their winter baseball just about 1/4 mile from my house. However that all changed when I moved to Chicago. My late dear father-in-law first turned me on to the WHITE SOX when I moved here, however I also started to see through the cub facade.

One reason I love the WHITE SOX is because they have an actual owner, right now that is Mr. Jerry Reinsdorff. The cubs on the other hand are owned by a corporation, the Chicago Tribune. When you have an actual owner, you have a face and a person to blame when your team is doing bad, and someone to never give any credit to when they are doing great. With the cubs, there is no face. However because they were owned by what was once a multi-million dollar corporation, that dealt in the media, the cubs became more that a baseball team, they became a tourist attraction.

The Tribune Company marketed the cubs very well. The Tribune Company turned WGN television in a cable Super Station, thus bringing the cubs to all of America. How else can you explain it when you have a last place team that sells out their stadium, day after day, with, at one time, all day games? Half those people at those games weren't even from Chicago, they were from Idaho and Iowa or someplace else that WGN reached; and when they found themselves having the opportunity to come to Chicago, well they just HAD to add to their itinerary to "go see the cubs and sing 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game' with Harry."

I did get to answer that question one evening while listening to ESPN AM 1000 here in Chicago. The two talk show hosts were debating why Wrigley Field was always sold out, while the WHITE SOX had empty seats during the week at night games. One host was a cub fan, the other a SOX fan. I called in and got the opportunity to answer the question. I said, "It's very simple, SOX fans have jobs, and if they don't, they're out looking for them."

Now the Chicago Tribune finds itself in in dire financial difficulties, (so bad that both the Tribune and the Sun-Times are in bankruptcy), along with the rest of the newspapers in this country, mainly because of 24 hour news cable stations and the Internet, but also because they are so biased, nobody believes what their "journalists" report anymore. I can state confidently that if it were not for the SPORTS SECTION, then 60% of the country's newspapers would have already gone under.

So to help themselves out of these financial difficulties, the top brass of the Chicago Tribune have decided to sell off their greatest asset, the Chicago cubs. This means that the cubs will have an actual owner and if they do this, I just may support them if they ever find themselves in a World Series, (yeah right, like THAT is ever going to happen).

Now in this age of corporate sponsorship I feel that I have to say the the cubs for far too long have been letting the Wrigley Family as well as the Wrigley Chewing Gum Company get away with, for almost three decades not paying, the cubs advertising royalties. William Wrigley sold the cubs to the Chicago Tribune in 1981. So, when a new owner is decided upon, I as a WHITE SOX fan have a suggestion for our minor league team on the north side. Sell the naming rights to Wrigley field to the KIMBERLY-CLARK CORPORATION of Conway Arkansas. Then they can rename Wrigley Field after their most famous product. That's right, I propose that the new name for Wrigley Field be:


Just think of the possibilities. First of all once a month you can have cubs Tampon day for all the female cub fans. Once a month they can pass out free cubs commemorative tampons to the first 12,000 female fans age 13 and over. To make it even more special, the tampons come in a special cardboard or plastic insertion tube in the shape of a baseball bat with that cute little cubs logo at the tip. The tampon itself will be specially colored in blue and white, (the ladies later on will provide the red). Hey! The ladies themselves could at some time during the game, take the tampons out of the tubes and twirl them over their heads like a rally towel.

Another way Kimberly-Clark can promote their product is in the vending machines in all the ladies restrooms. Each sanitary napkin will come in a special box, on the front will be the cubs logo, maybe even with a illustration of the new KOTEX FIELD, however on the back is a special cubs baseball trading card show all the famous cubs past and present. The card will be on the perforated part of the box so when the lady opens it not only will she have one of her favorite cubs picture on the front but all their lifetime stats on the back. Ah yes I can see the pictures now, Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Mark Grace and Ryne Sandberg and on and on. A different one on every box so the ladies can just collect them all.

They could even make a commemorative card for both Jack Brickhouse and Harry Carey.

Here the best promotion of all. Have special PMS nights when the cubs biggest rivalry's come to play at KOTEX FIELD, meaning the St. Louis Cardinals and the CHICAGO WHITE SOX during inter league play. Any lady that can show that she will be having her worst PMS time during one of these games will get tickets at half price, only as long as they show up. Just think of it, 12,000 hormone enraged, painful cramping, heavy flowing cub fans sitting next to those poor Cardinal and SOX supporters who show up to cheer on their team in enemy territory.

Now don't forget, we need a nickname for KOTEX FIELD. When the old Comisky Park was torn down and replaced with a new stadium, the naming rights were sold to U.S. CELLULAR. So now the SOX play at U.S. Cellular Field, with the nickname: THE CELL. (True SOX fans still refer to it as Comisky though). I suggest that the nicknames for the new KOTEX FIELD could be, THE MAXI PAD, or THE BIG PAD, THE SUPER SOAKIE or even THE GREAT RED SPOT.

Oh man! Just think of what we could do with the bases.

Just think of what the bleacher bums can start throwing at the opposing teams outfielders that they don't like, along with any baseball that is hit by an opposing batter.

Oh, the possibilities are endless, I can think of a million more, but let's have these for starters and let me know what you think. This is Scott, your favorite Internet bartender proving to you that yes, there is humor even in menstruation.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Explain This to Me Please!

Why is it perfectly acceptable by the media to be silent on the fact that the dinner and Broadway show "date" that the Obama's recently took in NYC cost the taxpayers $250,000?

However, when the Republican National Committee paid $150,000 for Sarah Palins wardrobe during the presidential campaign, it was treated basically as a heinous crime? Remember the scandal that was created over that?

Please tell me how wrong I am, (if you can). But the difference I see is that the RNC paid for the clothes, and all of us paid for the Obama's weekend jaunt. So simple even a liberal could figure it out, (but will refuse too). Maybe this was one of the earmarks in the "stimulus package".