Tuesday, January 18, 2011


On August 6, 1966, Lenny Bruce, the hip comedian of the 60's "Beat Generation" was found dead in his home from an apparent drug overdose. Funny as it may seem, I consider Mr. Bruce on of the leading figures in our country for the right to free speech as guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of our constitution. He fought tooth and nail for his right to speak as he wished, and say what he wished, no matter how obscene or obnoxious some other Americans deemed it to be. He went broke doing so, and in a strange way I see his death as a sacrifice for his battle against any government intervention into his First Amendment rights.

Ironically, I also have to bring up the name of Larry Flynt, founder and publisher of HUSTLER MAGAZINE and the empire that it helped him to build. Even though the product he sells and publishes is obscene and pornographic, he fought for his rights guaranteed to him under the First Amendment.

However, to make things even more ironic, when these two men fought for their First Amendment rights, yes, they were also fighting for yours and every other American in our country.

But this entry into my blog is not about the efforts of Mr. Bruce or of Mr. Flynt. No, it is more on the efforts of those who represented them in their fights. Mainly, liberals and the ACLU. It was liberal activist attorneys such as Alan Issacson, Phillipa Strum and William Kunstler who help fight for the Freedom of Speech for these two men. Not only for the rights of Mr. Bruce and Mr. Flynt, but others whom they have represented and fought for:

They fought for the rights of the AMERICAN NAZI PARTY, and their rights to gather, demonstrate and state their opinions publicly. Even in the town of Skokie Illinois in the early 1970's where the Nazi's were allowed to march. A town in which at the time showed that 1 out of 6 of it's Jewish citizens - - - was a survivor of the Holocaust.

These liberal "progressives" have also fought for the right of the BLACK PANTHER PARTY, (new and old), to publicly shout their hatred of whites and Jews and for their right to gather in demonstrations also.

These left wingers also fight for the right of the racist organization of the KU KLUX KLAN, an organization that was founded by southern democrats, to gather on the public streets to spew their rhetoric and white power vitriol.

However, my point is this; in the aftermath of the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, democrat representing the 8th district in Arizona, these same left wing, liberal, socialist, secular "progressives"; whether they be in the legal profession, the entertainment industry, or be elected officials in the halls of our congress, senate, or state houses are now calling for the control of, or outright ban of talk radio and certain news media. (Yes, they are bring up the debate of the so called FAIRNESS DOCTRINE again).
These liberals even stand up today for the COMMUNITY OF AMERICAN-ISLAMIC RELATIONS, (CAIR), and their pro jihadist, pro Sharia Law agenda.
Listen, the First Amendment means this: YOU STAND FOR THE RIGHT OF ALL FREE SPEECH - - - OR YOU STAND FOR NONE AT ALL!

The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees each American:

The RIGHT --- to be obnoxious.
The RIGHT --- to be obscene.
The RIGHT --- to your opinion.
The RIGHT --- to offend.
The RIGHT --- to dissent.
The RIGHT --- to your vitriol.
The RIGHT --- to your rhetoric.
The RIGHT --- to not agree.

And yes, even the RIGHT --- to be a racist. Just look at Hip/Hop and Rap music and the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, you all have witnessed how he, and it, has been defended and more importantly, by whom.

Left wing, liberal, secular, socialist "progressives"; not only are they trying to eliminate the Second Amendment, but they are targeting now the First, and trying to modify it into something that will benefit only them.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I wonder how she is going to feel. U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, Congresswoman, Democrat of Arizona representing the 8th district. I wonder how she is going to feel, after she recovers from her injuries. I wonder how she is going to REALLY feel when she realizes that when she took a bullet to her head; that all her "distinguished" colleague's used her and her assassination attempt. Used her and her attempted murder in order to promote their left wing liberal agendas.

I wonder how her family, friends and loved ones are really going to feel after it all sinks in. Not only her, but the family, friends and loved ones who either lost their lives or were wounded on January 8, 2011. I wonder how they are all going to feel when they realize that they have been, and are going to continue to be - - - USED.

It happened within two hours after the shooting, the left wing, liberal, secular, socialist "progressives" began spouting their rhetoric and, yes, I'm going to use the metaphor, began taking their own aim at all those that they consider their enemies.

To these liberals, it was not the act of an insane man who never watched the news or ever even listened to talk radio, that shot Congresswoman Giffords. No, Jared Loughner would HAVE NEVER done what he did if it were not for the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, the National Rifle Association, gun owners, Republicans, conservatives, Sean Hannity, FOX NEWS, etc., that influenced Jared Loughner with their, in the liberals words, "hate speech" and "rhetoric" that made Loughner carry out his heinous crime.

Even the Democratic Sheriff of Pima County Arizona, Clarence Dupnic, without a shred of evidence, lays the blame of this tragedy on conservatives, talk radio and political discourse.

If we the people are as gullible, stupid and as easily influenced as they believe, then we would be blaming the Beatles for the Tate/La Bianca murders, because Charles Manson claims that the British rock group was sending him "secret messages'" to him through their music. Let's blame all heavy metal music for the Columbine High School massacre. Let's blame all hip-hop and rap music for the negative mindset of today's youth. Every time a law enforcement officer is wounded or killed in a shooting, let's pin the blame on Eric Clapton for writing "I Shot the Sheriff".

Let me ask you, if you were the parents of the 9 year old girl who was killed in this tragedy, how would you feel having her and her death being used to promote the political agenda of any political hack?

These people place their political agendas over their country, over their families, over their loved ones, over their friends, and even over their own children. They would sell out family and friends to advance their politics and beliefs.

These people are amoral.
They are liberals first --- Americans second.
They are democrats first --- Americans second.
They are secularists first --- Americans second.
They are left wingers first --- Americans second.
They are socialists and "progressives" first --- Americans, parents, friends, loved ones, brothers, sisters, and family members second.

Plus, they are also EVERYTHING that they claim that they are against. I challenge anybody to give me examples of any of the aforementioned conservatives that may have incited any type of violence anywhere. And I'm talking about REAL hate speech, not metaphors, where they are calling for the death of anybody besides Osama bin Laden or any foreign enemy of our country.

Because I can show where the liberals have.

Actor Alec Baldwin, who is considering running for public office himself, once called for the stoning death Congressman Henry Hyde. He did so on national television and not only did he say that Mr. Hyde must be dragged out of his home and "stoned to death", Mr. Baldwin went on to say that we should do the same to Mr. Hyde's family.

Bill Maher, who has actually uses the word "hate" when speaking of anyone who disagrees with his way of thought, he is rewarded by having his own television talk show on HBO where he has a platform in which to spew his hate filled rhetoric every week.

And then their is William Ayers, the founder of the 60's radical group known as The Weather Underground. This man acted out on his anti-government, anti-capitalism, and anti-establishment hate. This man bombed federal buildings and actually caused the death of American citizens. Did he serve any real hard time, NO! As a matter of fact he was rewarded for his domestic terrorism with tenure at the University of Illinois in Chicago where he is a professor and allowed to teach our children.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Today, the 112th congress shall come to power and Nancy Pelosi will no longer be the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The reason being is because we all rose up and started a movement that has not ever been seen in this country. The so called "Silent Majority" began to open their mouths and stood up to the arrogant and corrupt politicians that we have allowed to come to power.

We have all realized that we made a huge mistake in electing Barack H. Obama President of the United States. I'll wager that most who did vote for Barack Obama have great remorse in doing so.

Now I say that now is the time we speak even louder. Yes, we won back the House, and made the Senate more balanced. But they are still there, the left-wing, secular, socialist, liberal "progressives". We voted most of them out, but the main characters survived. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Dick "TURBAN" Durbin, Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders. They must be next, they MUST BE rendered powerless and voted out.

We must not stop now, in fact we must triple our efforts. The Internet is a wonderful thing because now you can write you congressman and senators and get the message to them instantly. Get the websites, save them on your computers and relentlessly write them and give them your opinions and demands. Always remember that they are YOUR EMPLOYEES and you must treat them as such. And when you do write your representatives and senators with your demands, always end your correspondences with these words: "OR WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT!"

And as far as the new congressmen and senators that we elected, keep their feet to the fire and do not let Washington DC claim them and change them.

This is a very critical time in our history, our first demands, and I mean demands, not requests, is NOT for new taxes, but for the corrupt politicians in Washington DC, and in our state and local governments TO STOP SPENDING! I am going to demand from my representatives a 25% spending cut across the board, starting with their salaries. There is NO REASON why a Vice Admiral in the Navy after 20 YEARS OF SERVICE makes $153,000 a year, or a Master Chief Petty Officer in the Navy and Gunnery Sergeant of the Marine Corps, also with 20 YEARS OF SERVICE makes $65,000 a year; while a freshman congressman starts at $175,000.

Listen, we must make serious cutbacks in how our government has been spending our money. Right now, if the foreign governments whom our elected officials have been borrowing money from were to call in our loans, then every man woman and child in this country would have to pony up $45,000. A family of four has to come up with $180,000. Next time your out and about, look at everyone you see and just start counting by 45,000.

If we do not make the hard decisions now, then our children and grandchildren will not be stuck with the financial burden of our generations mistakes, no, this country WILL GO BANKRUPT!!

And if that happens, then it will not matter how hard or long you have worked, it will not matter how much you have saved, it will not matter how great your portfolio is, it will not matter how your family estate is and it will not matter what you will or may already have inherited. It will all be wiped out. There will be nothing for anybody.

And the only good thing about that is that then --- we will all be equal in every way.