Monday, July 27, 2009

Terrell Owens and the Bills

Well, it the most wonderful time of the year. By the end of this week all 32 NFL teams should have their training camps up and running, for me that's my beloved Chicago Bears, and my AFC team The Oakland Raiders.

Yes, I am a football fanatic, a football addict you could even say. Why do I love the game of football so much? Well, it has several things about it that make it separate from all other sports. Here are a few of my reasons.
  • Football is the only true team sport. Everybody must be doing their job on every play in order to win. It is not like baseball, basketball and hockey where a few guys can carry a team. No, every man on that field is equally important with his team mates.
  • Every play counts, meaning every play is a big play. Yes, it is true, one play gone wrong can cost you a season.

  • Every game counts. There is not the luxury of playing 162 or 74 games where you have a buffer zone for losses.

Let me now focus on the first bullet point. Football is the only true team sport. Yes, we see the accomplishments of many guys that will stand out but I can tell you that Walter Payton would admit that half of those yards that he gained through his career would not have ever been chalked up if it were not for Matt Suhey running in front of him. The great Jim Brown would say the same, he could not have accomplished all that he did without the other 10 men on the field with him.

Let's talk Quarterbacks. Why are men like Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Dan Marino, Roman Gabriel, Kurt Warner, John Elway, Terry Bradshaw, and on and on and on; what is the main reason these quarterbacks were the best in the game? Simple, the had the best Linemen in the game protecting them. A quarterback is only as good as his line.

Which brings me back to my first bullet point. I now bring up the epitome of everything that will cause everything to go wrong for any football team. The pri-madonna. And the main one of the current NFL era: Terrell Owens.

Terrell Owens is now on his fourth football team, The Buffalo Bills. Here's the bad news for all the Bills fans. As long as Terrell Owens is on your team, the Bills are not going to do jacks**t. Here is a quick history of Terrell Owens and his NFL career. While Owens was on his teams, they were referred by him as:

T.O and the 49er's

T.O. and the Eagles

T.O. and the Cowboys

The first press conference I heard Owens at for the Bills, I heard him call it, yes, you guessed it; T.O. and the Bills. If you noticed the names of the cities that have the teams are not even allowed to be mentioned.

Now, T.O. has his own reality series on VH1, he is doing this during the season. Terrell Owens is a cancer to any team that he will be involved with. If you haven't noticed, look, none of those teams won the Super Bowl with him on it. Owens is a cancer to the National Football League, and he is a cancer to the game of football. Who is he going to start complaining about when he does not get the spotlight for the big plays? I mean I know your quarterback there is not dating Jessica Simpson, however Owens blamed her for his dropped passes once.

Well, I have to admit that I did indeed appreciate Terrell Owens when he played for the Dallas Cowboys, but that is because I HATE THE DALLAS COWBOYS!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Follow Up To - The "Nice" Bigot

If you go on to YOUTUBE then you can see for yourself the exchange between Senator Barbara Boxer and Harry C. Alford of the Black Chamber of Commerce. You can also see other videos there of how this spoiled, self centered, narcissistic gentle bigot goes about to humiliate publicly anyone that opposes her and her left wing socialist agendas. She is right out of the socialist playbook on degrading and demeaning your opposition.

If you watch the exchange between Ms. Boxer and Mr. Alford, you will notice that Mr. Alford addresses Ms. Boxer as "ma'am" several times; and the Senator does not object to that once. Just a couple of weeks ago, Senator Boxer publicly humiliated and dressed down Brigadier General Michael Walsh for doing the exact same thing, telling the General to not call her "ma'am" but Senator. Her reason being? That she "worked so hard" for that title. (As if the General did not work so hard for his).

General Walsh has done more service to this country in one hour in his career than Barbara Boxer has in the entirety of her.

However, I believe I figured it out with Barbara Boxer and her gentile, sweet, reserved and introverted type of hatred, disrespect and racism. She prefers our military to call her Senator, but above all, she really prefers that all Americans of African decent had better well address her "ma'am"; because it's the closest thing to "massa" that she can get away with.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sen. Barbara Boxer - The "Nice" Bigot

The other day I witnessed as Senator Barbara, (don't call me 'ma'am'), Boxer, (D-CA), was chairing congressional hearings on the pending climate legislation known as the Waxman/Markey Bill. She got into a heated debate with the CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Harry C. Alford.
Sen. Boxer kept wanting to add to the record the statements made by the National Organization for the Advancement of Colored People, (NAACP), and another organization known as the 100 Black Men in Atlanta. Mr. Alford took offence to Ms. Boxer's strategy, that even Mr. Alford deemed as "old Jim Crow tactics" of pitting one black group against another. He accused Ms. Boxer of getting racial.
And Mr. Alford is correct, Ms. Boxer is what I refer to as a "nice bigot" or a "more gentle and composed racist". She will use these tactics to cause infighting among minority groups, keeping them from truly uniting in order for her to have her leftist political agendas become the law of the land. It hides her true racist feelings. She and her liberal ilk will use these organizations to get themselves elected and to keep their power over their constituents.
Question: How far has the African-American community really advanced since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? How far have they advanced with the leadership that has taken his place? Advanced under Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farakahn?
How far have they advanced in the past 40 years with the NAACP? The one big word in their name is ADVANCEMENT. And how can an organization dedicated to their races advancement still use the outdated, and I may add, offensive words in today's terms as "COLORED PEOPLE"?

Why has every other ethnicity in this country advanced their people much more? The Hispanics, the Asians, and the Eastern Europeans.
I say that one reason is that the liberals, these "nice quiet bigots" such as Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, Henry Waxman, Nancy Pelosi, Jimmy Carter, and yes, Bill and Hillary Clinton have helped to transform organizations such as ACORN, the National Black Caucus, RAINBOW/PUSH, and the NAACP from organizations that once helped to advance the African-American community; to organizations that help to "keep them in their place."

I would love to see how diverse the neighborhoods are of those politicians I just mentioned.
And on a personal note. I wish we would stop using the term "minority". I believe that no human being is a minority. When we stop letting liberal politicians refer to our fellow American citizens with this term, then the mindset of it will start to disappear. You are only a minority if you allow yourself to be.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Cocktail Named for the OBAMA Die Hards.

Okay, time for another great cocktail recipe, this one is one of my favorite tropical drinks. I chose this one because the name of it fits all of those starry-eyed, die hard, no matter how much he screws America up, supporters of president Obama. This cocktail is fittingly called:


Here's what you need:
1/2 oz. Bacardi light rum
1/2 oz. Myers dark rum
1/2 oz. Amaretto di Sarrano
1/2 oz. Cointreau
1 oz orange juice
1 oz. pineapple juice
1 oz. sweet & sour mix
First fill a tall glass with ice and place one or two straws directly down the center of the ice so that they will be right in the center of the ice and glass.
Then fill you mixing cup with ice and add all of the ingredients, shake vigorously for about twenty to thirty seconds then strain the mixture into the glass.
Now here is the topper, gently float about 1/2 oz. of Bacardi 151 rum on the top of the ZOMBIE, making sure some of the 151 goes over the straws and even inside of them so your guest will get a jolt on the first sip.
Top it of with a cherry and slice of orange
(With this presidency, were all going to need a few of these).

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Remember When There Were Only Four?

Do you remember when there was a time when there were only FOUR awards shows that the entertainment industry held and were televised? That has changed so dramatically. Today we are deluged with the following:

The Academy Awards
The Grammy Awards
The Tony Awards
The Emmy Awards
The Daytime Emmy Awards, (Yes, there is an award show for S**t)
The BET Awards
The Country Music Association Awards
The Latin Grammy Awards
The American Music Awards
The Diversity Awards
The International Emmy Awards
The FILM Independent Spirit Awards
The European Film Awards
The Kennedy Center Honors
The Golden Globe Awards
The American Film Institute Awards
The Screen Actors Guild Awards
The Directors Guild of America Awards
The Producers Guild Awards
The NAACP Image Awards
The Peoples Choice Awards
The Scientific & Technical Achievement Awards
The British Academy of Film Awards
The World Music Awards
The MTV Music Awards
The MTV Video Music Awards
The MTV Movie Awards
The Radio Music Awards
The Billboard Music Awards
The Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards
The VH1 Music Awards
The VH1 Hip-Hop Awards
The Critics Choice Awards
The SPIKE TV Scream Awards
The PRISM Awards
The BET Music Awards
The American Latin Music (ALMA) Awards
The Teen Choice Awards
The Family Entertainment Awards
The TV Guide Awards
The Music Of Black Origin, (MOBO) Awards
The Gay & Lesbian Music, (GLAMA), Awards
The SPIKE TV Guy's Choice Awards

If I left any others out can you please tell me?
What can you say about an industry, where all the people involved insist on going on national, and international television every seven to nine days to awards themselves for their "work"?

Monday, July 6, 2009

It Has Gotta Start With You!

This afternoon, I entered the re-election headquarters of my Congressman, Mark Steven Kirk, Republican, of the 10th district of Illinois. I gave the staff members there my name, address and email address and informed them to immediately remove my name from any contact lists that I may be on.

The reason being? I informed them that Congressman Kirk's "aye" vote for the so called cap & trade bill last week was the final straw for me, and that I will no longer vote for, or support him on anything, anymore.

I told the staff members that if I wanted the agenda of the liberal democrats to become my way of life, well then I would have voted for the liberal democrats.

I further informed them that I need my representative to stand up to President Obama and all his ideas. I know that Mr. Kirk is suppose to represent all those in his district, but those who gave him the job should have some sort of priority.

I refuse to support a man who runs as a conservative, only to cower in these unstable times. I refuse to continue to support a man who became a Republican in name only. If by chance Mr. Kirk does get the Republican nomination, I will either support the Libertarian candidate, or leave that part of my ballot blank.

The new trend now these days seems to be these "tea parties". Perhaps the next tea parties should be held in front of the re-election offices of the eight Republican congressmen who voted with the liberals on this bill.

This morning I watched as President Barack Hussein Obama signed a nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russian president Dmitriy Anatolyevich Medvedev. The treaty calls for exactly what it says it is, for both countries to reduce their nuclear arsenals.

However, I know how this is going to work, because it is Vladimir Putin who still call the shots in Russia.

Putin, the former president of Russia.
Putin, the former head of the KGB.
One thing Putin is not a "former" of is a member of the communist party.

So, the deal will go down like this:

President Barack Hussein Obama will reduce our nuclear arsenal through dismantling it.

President Medvedev, and Vladimir Putin will reduce the nuclear arsenal of Russia, by selling parts of it off to Iran and North Korea.

One of my top rules in life. Never - - - EVER - - - trust a communist!
Question: Wasn't Dmitriy the name of the Russian president in the movie "Dr. Strangelove"? Coincidence maybe?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Real Conservative Housewives

I really have to admire Jenny Sanford, the wife of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, and for how she is handling her husbands seemingly, ongoing, never ending soap opera on his tryst with his Argentinian soul mate. How she is standing up to the "love story" of her husbands.

Why do I admire her? Because she is doing what every woman should do in this situation. She is not thinking of her husbands political career or his standing. She's putting her family and her boys first, and she's dumping his sorry, teary eyed a**. She is showing the difference between conservative housewives, and "progressive" ones.

She's dumping him and letting him stand alone. She's not coddling to him and to the media. She's not like these weak women with low esteem who, after their husband is caught with the other woman, will go out there at the press conference holding his hand and looking at him with love and respect.

Take for example Dina McGreevey, "wife" of former New Jersey governor James McGreevey. Yes, he was caught having an affair alright, but unlike Mrs. Sanford, her husband was having an affair with a man. But, there she was, standing up on that podium, holding his hand and being there to support him, in his time of need. This is a time where she should of been selfish and thought of herself. But no, for some reason she had to be manipulated and do what she did. After he lied to her every day of their marriage, using her as a "beard".

Just what has that gotten her today?

Another example is Silda Spitzer, wife of the ex-governor of New York. He was caught using the family funds for high priced call girls. Not only was Silda publicly humiliated by her husband, but her life was endangered with every visit with every prostitute Spitzer was with in this day of AIDS and STD's. However there also was she, standing in front of the media frenzy, side by side with her straying hubby, helping to put on the front.

But you also have to look who these progressive ladies have as their mentor, none other than the wife of the "philanderer-in-chief", William Jefferson Clinton. Yes, there she is, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, the most powerful woman in the world besides Oprah, and who was even proclaimed by the media as the "smartest woman in the world." But there she was, right after Bill admitted, before a Monday Night Football game, that he cheated on Hillary with Monica Lewinsky. There she was the next day, walking hand in hand with Bill, and they even forced little Chelsea into the fiasco, walking to Marine One; on their way to start "healing" at Camp David.

Healing? Yeah right, Bill was healing after having every object that was not nailed down thrown at him.

This is the difference between conservative wives and liberal ones. Conservative wives will not take the crap, while the liberal ones want to wallow in the drama. Maybe all these moronic women will get together and have their own reality series on television. Right after Dancing with the Stars.

And the price they will pay is with their dignity.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where Has SHE Been?

Helen Thomas is just NOW realizing that President Obama is manipulating the media? She is just NOW questioning the "transparency" of his administration? Are she and her cohorts just NOW seeing that he's just another fraudulent empty suit?

My first suspicion of Barack Obama was back during the campaign, when he had five different people fainting at five different campaign stops. This was just like when Bill Clinton visited Normandy Beach, remember that? There was Bill, all alone on the beach where the allies invaded Europe on June 6, 1944. All the cameras were on Bill as he found, "purely by coincidence", the only pile of stones withing 30 miles in either direction on that beach. And then Bill, at the spur of the moment was caught forming a crucifix from those stones. Yeah, it was a heart tugging moment.

Now, there was Barack, up there on the stage, ladling out the BS of his plans to take over the lives off all the citizens of the United States, as he just happen to spot someone in the audience fainting, then intervened, making sure that the person received the proper medical attention. And this happened not once, not twice, not three times, but I believe five times. Yes, only the Messiah could do that.

Now, the Dear Leader is being questioned on his tactics concerning the loaded questions by selected persons at his "open" town hall debates. Are these "journalists" starting to feel as if they are being used?

I believe now that we are seeing the first chink in the Presidents shiny armor. I think this is the media equivalent of discovering that your boyfriend has been cheating on you. And now Helen Thomas, I repeat HELEN THOMAS is stating that she has never, repeat NEVER seen an administration do to the press what the current one has.

I also have a theory on this. Yes, the media is saturated with liberals. But now, liberals are beginning to see their own jobs in jeopardy. Liberals need to eat too. Come on! Does Helen Thomas believe that the Boston Globe is staying afloat because those who still buy the newspaper do so just see her pretty face and to read her column? The truth of the matter is that it is the Boston Red Sox that help to keep whatever newspaper sales that are still there, along with the Bruins, Patriots and Celtics.

If it were not for professional and collegiate sports being reported on in the Sports Sections, then all newspapers would be bankrupt and closed. If the newspapers want to survive, fire everybody, downsize completely and just sell the sports section.

Here is my question to you Ms. Thomas. As Major Garrett from FOX NEWS asked the President last week about the turmoil taking place in Iran. When the President finally made his feelings known. "Where have you been?"

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


What is the matter with the voting adults of Minnesota? Come on! Al Franken? Al Franken is now a United States Senator?

Didn't the people of Minnesota learn anything by having Jesse "The Body" Ventura as their Governor? I guess not.

I know what will be next up there. The people of Minnesota will see absolutely nothing wrong with having Michael Vick become their new quarterback for the Vikings.

A Good Senator?

Al Franken thinks that he's going to be a good senator?

He wasn't even a good comedian!