Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"FREE" Government Money?

See this man? This is MATTHEW LESKO ... you know ... the man who dresses up like THE RIDDLER and pushes his book, and now website to show certain people in America how to get what he refers to as "GOVERNMENT FREE MONEY". He is even written about in Bernard Goldberg's book "100 PEOPLE WHO ARE SCREWING UP AMERICA". Matthew Lesko is number 100.

"Free" money from the government for any of us to do practically anything that we wish. Now all of us with even a "D" average knows that this "FREE MONEY" only comes from one place ... US!

Now I say that Matthew Lesko and his book and website are not only the problem, but we can reverse it so that it can be the solution. Let's all forward Mr. Lesko's website to all fiscal conservative candidates running this November 2010 ... and tell them to read and go over everything that Mr. Lesko has to tell ... then make a large issue in their campaigns to eliminate and shut down ALL of the government offices and programs that Mr. Lesko is promoting.