Thursday, June 25, 2015

The BIG Difference


On June 17, 2015 we witnessed the horrible news story from Charleston, South Carolina, of 9 people being murdered as they were studying GOD'S word while inside HIS house.

When the man who committed this crime, DYLANN STORM ROOF, was captured, what did the families and loved ones do when they confronted him at his arraignment?

They told him of what he took away from all of them.

They told him of the suffering that they all must now endure because of him.


They TOLD him that they did not hate him
They ASKED him to confess.
They ASKED him to repent.
They ASKED him to turn his life over to GOD.
They ASKED him to learn the teachings of CHRIST.
They TOLD him that they will PRAY for him.
Then they PRAYED for his soul.

And finally, they FORGAVE him. Something that he DID NOT ask for.

So with that I have THIS to say to all you ATHEISTS.

THIS is what I say to all you LEFTIST LIBERALS.

THIS --- is the DIFFERENCE --- the BIG difference --- between US, the Christians and Jews --- and the MOSLEMS!

Thursday, May 14, 2015


The other day I had some individual who immigrated here from some other country on the other side of the Earth start a sentence with the following:
Location and situation at that moment restricted me from my truly intended response - - - too many witnesses.
So, here is my answer for the immigrants from those 2nd, 3rd and even 4th rate countries who found their way here - - -
I KNOW this is AMERICA! Do you know why? Because I was BORN here over 60 years ago and raised here.
I KNOW this is AMERICA! Do you know why? Because I have lived in locations all over her. Born in DETROIT - - - grew up in ARIZONA - - - lived in CALIFORNIA, TENNESEE and now for the vast majority of my life - - - CHICAGO, ILLINOIS.
I KNOW this is AMERICA! Do you know why? Because I KNOW its TRUE HISTORY - - - and it is a GOOD, NOBLE and HONORABLE history. Taught to me by teachers who were once honorable, and were dedicated to TEACHING young people - - - not INDOCRINATING them.
I KNOW this is AMERICA! Do you know why? Because I served in its NAVY - - - which automatically TELLS YOU that I have done more, and offered more, to MY country than you EVER will.
I KNOW this is AMERICA! Do you know why? Because my family and I owned a business here that employed over 100 people for over 50 years - - - many of them legal immigrants like you - - - which tells you again that I have done more for this country than you EVER WILL!
SO DON'T - - - YOU - - - TELL ME - - - OR - - - DICTATE TO ME - - - HOW MY COUNTRY IS - - - OR HOW IT SHOULD BE!!!!
KEEP - - - YOUR - - - MOUTH - - - SHUT!!!!