Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Christopher Columbus - - - It's SPAIN'S Fault

On October 6, 2014, the Seattle City Council voted that from now on the holiday known as COLUMBUS DAY, which honors CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, (1451 - 1506), to now be known as "INDIGINOUS PEOPLES DAY". Yes a city council, on its own decided that. It just shows in a small way how we have allowed elected officials to make and pass laws for us, without our participation and without our consent.
Unlike Arizona, which has been demonized by the left. Arizona will put matters such as these, and even matters of a more serious nature on the ballot for the voters to decide.  For example, the smoking ban in taverns and restaurants was not decided by the state government of Arizona, but by the voters of the state.
But in this time of radical political correctness, where what we once thought of as bad is now good, what we once thought was good is now bad, where who we once thought of as heroes are now villains, and who we once thought of as villains are now heroes, why does not this surprise me?
Which comes to the now hero turned villain, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS.
Let me make my point here with a little history.
Question: Why Columbus? Why is he the one taking the brunt of hatred from the leftists where they are vilifying this man. Columbus Day is actually a day for Americans of Italian decent to celebrate the life of one of their ancestors and his accomplishment.
But over the past couple of decades, Columbus and his discovery of the new world has now been blamed for practically everything evil that has happened since 1492. From epidemics that killed many of the indigenous people here, to famine, to genocide, and to many of the leftists liberals, the biggest evil of all, the founding of the United States of America.
Next Question: Why are the Italian and Anglo Europeans blamed for all of this evil?  Columbus was Italian, but that's where it ends.
Last question: Who funded the expeditions of Christopher Columbus? Answer: King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of - - - SPAIN.
Yes, Spain. I say the finger of all of this evil brought on by the discovery of the new world must be pointed at - - - SPAIN. Yes, the Spanish. After all, what is now the predominant language from the southern tip of South America to the northern border of Mexico? Spanish, followed by Portuguese.

Portugal - - - Spain - - - they share a border.

It is because of Spain, all the new diseases came. It is because of Spain, all the conquests started. Spain - - - is the real reason for all of this pandemic and genocide. It was Spain who started it all. If it were not for them financing Columbus, then the rest of Europe would have never followed.

Now here is something that is kind of ironic. Because of radical political correctness some genius has decided that October now be designated as HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH. The same month that contains COLUMBUS DAY. No one can criticize anything with the Hispanic community because of political correctness. However, think of the irony here. Can you imagine the inner conflict with todays modern day Hispanics? Half of their ancestors were either wiped out and conquered by their other half.

Is changing the name of the holiday, or rather, the covert but out right ban of it really going to change things and make it for the better. One thing liberals really want to control in our educational system is the study of history. Because I'll wager that if you were to dig into the history of these "indigenous peoples" you would discover that they are not that innocent and have a bloody side to their history also. Keep going back to find how one tribe conquered the next in order to take their lands. The ancient Aztecs' were known to enslave and sacrifice other enemy tribesmen.

These ancient tribes conquered by the Spanish and Portuguese, they are now all blended into one and the same. They are the ancestors and forefathers of all Latinos and Hispanics. So since this is HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH, that is my contribution to the celebration.

So all to all those leftists just remember. The discovery of the new world and all the evil that came with it? SPAIN - - - IT'S ALL THEIR FAULT!

But you can't say anything tabout it to the Hispanics because then that would make you a bigot.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The "TOXIC WASTE" Cocktail

It's time for another time out from the worlds problems to send out to you from the bar another cocktail recipe. We are now officially going into the holiday season with HALLOWEEN coming up. So here is a good cocktail to serve at any Halloween party. However, for the right effect, some special lighting must be involved.
This is for Halloween, the TOXIC WASTE Cocktail. You will need the following:
Take a tall glass with ice and pour in the MIDORI and GIN, then fill with MOUNTAIN DEW.
That simple. But, the special lighting? Have BLACK LIGHTS in the darkened room, because this cocktail GLOWS IN THE DARK!