Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You from a Veteran

With today being Veteran's Day and all, there is something that I would like to share.

Lately, whenever people find out that I served in the United States Navy, they stop and thank me for my service to our country, even though I served over some 35 years ago.

First of all, it was an honor and privilege to serve my country. I believe every young person should enlist in one of the branches an do so.

When I served it was in the 1970's, in the tumultuous times during and following the noble cause of the Viet Nam conflict. So, second of all, I have something to say to all of you who take the time to do this:

On behalf of all my fellow veterans, from all branches of our military, thank you all - - - for thanking us.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Recently I have seen one of the local Chicago newspapers selling a special edition commemorating the 50 years after the death of President John F. Kennedy.

Fifty years later, and the liberals are STILL infatuated with John and Bobby Kennedy; so consumed by them in fact that they have been doing nothing for the past five decades but trying to find a replacement and copy of them.

So far, look who they have pushed on us, Gary Hart, Michael Dukakis, John Kerry, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and now Barack Obama.

Hey, left-wing, secular, socialist liberal "progressives", I have a fact of life for you that you have made yourselves blind, deaf, mute and in denial over these past five decades. It is this:




You all also kept looking to their brother Teddy to fill their shoes, but it could never happen. Why? Well, I use a little movie analysis here. It comes from the epic motion picture, "THE GODFATHER". When it comes to the three Kennedy brothers:


So please, stop using the deaths and legacies of John and Bobby Kennedy to push your liberal agendas. Their personal lives tarnished their legacies anyway. I'll have to hand it to Barack Obama though, the only thing that he DOES NOT HAVE in common with the Kennedy boys, is that he, (so far as we know), does not have the Secret Service bringing Hollywood starlets into the White House or elsewhere for trysts and secret rendezvous's.

Friday, October 8, 2010


I have come up with a simple economic stimulus plan that every American can participate in.

For those of us who were the last to have taken Economics as a mandatory class in high school, you will remember the one law of economics on the first few pages of any Econ textbook: THAT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH.

However, there is one other economic fact that I'm going to deal with here; and that is for any economy to flourish, then the money supply has to be in a constant motion, always exchanging hands. This is called CASH FLOW.

Any money that is taken out of circulation, lies stagnant and does not continue to flow hurts the economy more than helps. That is one reason that we are going through this current depression, banks and lending institutions are holding on to their money, afraid to lend it out. It stays in their coffers, making interest for their clients, but not helping new businesses to open, or for current ones to remain open.

I was thinking about this current stagnant money the other day when I came home and did something that I believe that 99.9% of all other citizens of our country do. And when I did this little task that we all do and take totally for granted, an idea came to me on how every American in this country has the power to help bolster our economy sitting right there in our homes. That little task I did was to take all of the loose coins from my pocket that I have accumulated throughout the day and place them in an old coffee can in my closet.

I thought to myself of how many other households in this country must have their own coffee can, glass jar, or even a five gallon plastic water bottle from a water cooler that is either filling or is filled with loose change accumulated over the years. I then thought of just how much of a positive effect it would have on our economy if everyone in the country took all of that loose change to their banks and exchanged it for paper currency. And then, took that currency --- and spent it on something --- anything.

Take yourself and your friends to lunch or dinner, pay off a bill or two, buy yourself something that you have always wanted but never needed, go out on a Friday or Saturday night and hit a few nightspots, (tip those bartenders and waitresses a little extra), anything, just spend that money and put it back into the economy.

Can't think of anything to spend it on? Then give the cash to your kids and/or grand kids for them to go on a little spending spree, send it to your kids in college for them to have a little extra spending money, donate it to a charity, or even go downtown, (in my case that would be Chicago), and hand it out to all the homeless on the street.

Just spend it and get all that stagnant cash back into the economy. This is old money, not all the new stuff that they are busy printing in Washington, DC. And don't stop there, find all that loose change that is around your house or office, lying in the ashtray or cup holder section of your cars. Ladies, take all that loose change that is in your purses, and that overstuffed coin pouch on your wallets, and spend it. In fact, ALWAYS give exact change when paying with cash. For example, if you have a total of $7.68 due at the cash register, instead if handing the cashier a ten or twenty dollar bill and get change back, find the sixty-eight cents in coins and give that to the cashier and get nothing but paper currency in return.

Citizens of America, we have the power to boost our economy in the most simple of ways, find all of our loose coins, and spend them. Do some simple math, if the coins you turn into the bank give you a return of $50, $100, $200 or even $300 or more, just multiply that by all the other households in the United States that have the same amount that you came up with and just think about all that money that is being put back into the local economies.

While we are at it, for those of you who have done it, go in and take your collections of those state commemorative quarters that have been minted over the past ten years, tear them out of their cardboard displays, and go spend those also. Those coins are far from rare, they will not change in value for another century and a half, and they are just sitting there doing nothing. Your collections will be far more valuable when you put those quarters back into circulation.

So there you have it America, a simple economic stimulus that we can all participate in. In these hard economic times, we deserve a little break and that little extra cash that we have not paid any attention to for so long is the way to get that break. I would love to witness how this one little "sacrifice" by all of us will boost our economy. And this plan comes from an average American citizen, not the self anointed geniuses that currently occupy our local and federal governments.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Those Who Boycott Arizona - PROVE IT !!!

To all of you left-wing, liberal, socialist, secular “progressives” who are calling for the boycott of the state of Arizona because of the state’s new immigration enforcement law, (SB 1070). I say that --- you are all full of crap --- and that you really could care less about all the illegal aliens in Arizona or any other state for that matter.

I find it appalling that you would all, especially in these hard financial times, would boycott a state that is populated by your fellow Americans, because of your illusions of grandeur of how the world should be. Your adding to the financial worries and stresses of LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS because of their decision to protect themselves from ILLEGAL ALIENS, in order to promote your misguided agendas, (no matter what the cost, and no matter to who of your fellow citizens whose suffering you now add too), is in my opinion nothing more but equal to treason.

Here is what I say to you, if you really care for the plight of people who are in the United States illegally, then by all means, continue your boycott on Arizona, (and to all of the other states and cities who are now considering passing the same laws). But I challenge you to PROVE IT. That right --- PROVE IT!!!

Prove it to all of us just how sincere you really are in your beliefs. Prove it to all of the illegal aliens in this country how much you care for them, and prove it to them that you are really concerned for their well being.

How do we want you to prove yourselves? Simple. Invite all of the illegal aliens in Arizona, (and the other states who are proposing similar laws), to move to your cities, to move to your neighborhoods, to come in and live in your communities --- among all of you. In fact I challenge you now to stand in front of all of the welcome signs in your cities and towns and welcome them with open arms, shake their hands as they come in, and even tell them where all the low income housing is in your areas and who will hire them and pay them under the table, and have them do all of those jobs that you claim no American will want to do.

There it is --- PROVE IT TO ME --- and the rest of America --- have them all come to live with and next to you.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


HELEN THOMAS --- has proven that a person can be as ugly inside as well as out. On May 27, 2010, outside of the White House for a Jewish heritage event, Ms. Thomas was asked by Rabbi David Nesenoff her opinion on the country of Israel. Ms. Thomas’ reply was that the Jews “should get out of Palestine”, a country that they are “occupying”. That the Jews should return to their “homes”, which are really in Germany, Poland and in the United States.

This is a woman who has sat front row center in the White House press room for decades. Why? She is NOT a reporter, she is an opinion columnist.

First of all Ms. Thomas, if you should go purchase any world atlas published by Rand-McNally, you will discover that there is no country in the world known as Palestine. There once was, but your dear friends at your beloved United Nations in 1948 decided that there shall be a Jewish homeland named Israel. If you look harder you will find that there is no longer a Yugoslavia or Burma also. The U.S.S.R. no longer exists either.

Second of all Ms. Thomas, you are one of the main reasons nobody reads or trust newspapers anymore. If it were not for the sports section, newspapers would not be selling at all.

Why is it that among the left-wing, socialist, secular liberal “progressives”; that Anti-Semitism is the only accepted form of hate, bigotry and racism?

Now she has given one of the pseudo apologies that are famous among the liberals. Ms. Thomas, apology NOT ACCEPTED. You have disgraced yourself and it’s time you do us all a favor and retire from your “profession”.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am here today to proclaim that JOE CAMEL is innocent! JOE CAMEL, the most vilified cartoon character of our time was framed.

In 1992 a group known as the Coalition on Smoking and Health began to petition the Federal Trade Commission to ban JOE CAMEL, citing that because he is a cartoon character, he has a great influence on young people, teenagers and even pre-teens in influencing them to smoke.

Well then I say that if these same left-wing, socialist, liberal, secular “progressives” really think that cartoons are powerful enough with that type of influence, then the Cartoon Network and all modern day cartoons are the reason why young people today are so naïve, ill educated, self centered and shallow.

Why am I defending JOE CAMEL? Because JOE CAMEL was finally banned from being in all types of advertising in July of 1997. No longer could we see JOE in magazines, billboards or even t-shirts. In fact all cigarette advertising was banned by the federal government I would say by 95%. (If you think about it, when the federal government banned cigarette advertising, how many jobs do you think that eliminated?) Banned so much so, that the makers of WINSTON cigarettes could not even advertise, or even put their name on anymore --- on their own NASCAR race.

With that all said, I defend JOE CAMEL because I still see the same amount of young people today smoking as much as when I did, and I quit smoking 33 years ago. Cigarettes today cost anywhere from $6.00 to $8.50 a pack, I would estimate that 90% of the price is for taxes. When I smoked they were 50 cents a pack, 35 cents on the Naval Base I was stationed at. Plus, we had vending machines, which have since been banned, (more jobs lost?). If there are no vending machines, then where are these underage kids today getting their smokes?

With all the campaigns to quit smoking, and the constant attack on the tobacco industry, there are just as many young people today smoking as when I did. Hey kids, I’ll give you an incentive to quit. You girls who smoke? Well --- kissing you is the equivalent of licking an ashtray.

JOE CAMEL is innocent, and since Bill Clinton was president at the time, (who is known for his own infamous use of a tobacco product), I believe he owes JOE an apology, and should formally find a way to totally exonerate him from all blame --- and even pardon him.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's Worse Than Racism?

I hate to repeat myself, but after I saw Mr. Ron Gochez, a high school history teacher at Santee High School in Los Angeles, give a testimony at some council meeting spewing on how he considers California part of what he refers to as “occupied Mexico.”

First of all Mr. Gochez, you are history teacher. The reason California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas are part of the United States is that the Mexican government and their armies at those times did not fight hard enough. They lost the war. If you want them back as part of Mexico again, your “revolutions” are not going to work, especially now with the rise of the conservative movement. The only way it will happen is for you to convince the current government of Mexico to declare war on the United States, invade us and try and take these states back. But I guarantee you, if Mexico won, then all you would have is the citizens of the new larger Mexico continue to leave that now larger country for the remaining 46 United States of America.

Because you Mr. Gochez, and your ilk are something that people really don’t think exists, but in reality you all do. You are what is worse, and even lower, than a racist.

What is worst than being a racist? Well, Let’s use Mexico as an example. What’s worse than a racist? How about --- MEXICANS --- in MEXICO --- who exploit, terrorize, murder, rape and suppress their own people? So much so, that it causes their own people to not leave their country --- but to run away from it. It is safer for a Mexican citizen to live in the United States illegally, that legally in their own.

Mr. Gochez, if you really want to help the Mexican people, then stop your cowering here, cross the border into Mexico and take your revolution there. Go back and fight those who are really hurting your people, your fight is with your own people. Go take your fight, if you have it in you, to the corrupt Mexican government and to the drug cartels that run Mexico.

Mexico --- with all of it’s vast resources that could let your people live in their homeland with a decent life, and YOU continue to allow it so that being involved in the drug trade or in human trafficking is the only way to make a living. I dare you Mr. Gochez, go take your fight to Mexico --- I suggest you start with Juarez.

Because people like you Mr. Gochez, have made Mexico like Africa --- most every country in that continent exploits, murders and enslaves their own people too. You know history Mr. Gochez, have you ever heard of Rwanda? How about looking into Nigeria. It is safer for me, as a white man, to walk through Africa than it is for a black man or woman.

Mr. Gochez, it’s so easy for you to make your speeches here, YOU know how safe you are. Go take your fight to Mexico --- where it belongs.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shakira, Cinco de Mayo & SB 1070

It does pain me to write this because I’m going to be critical of one of the most beautiful women in the entertainment industry, Shakira. However to make this easier, I’m going to lump her in with the Principal of Long Oak High School in California, Mr. Miguel Rodriguez, and with the protesters in Arizona and around the United States that opposes SB 1070, the new Arizona law that deals with the enforcement of the laws that deal with illegal aliens in the America.

Shakira recently stated that the recent new immigration enforcement law in Arizona is “not in any constitution”, and is a violation of human rights. I’m sorry, but Shakira is from Columbia. Is Shakira actually equating ANY human rights violations here in the United States to those that happen in her native country?

Miguel Rodriguez, during the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo, ordered five boys at the Long Oak High School to go home because they refused to turn their t-shirts inside out during the holiday. The reason is that the boys t-shirts had American flags on them. The principal did not want to offend any of the American students who are of Mexican decent. He also feared that there would be some violence from the act of these boys for standing up for their own country.

My questions to Mr. Rodriguez, Shakira and those who are protesting the passing and signing into law in Arizona, (SB 1070), are this, and I will use Mexico as the example because for some reason, those who are protesting SB 1070 believe that the law is targeting ONLY illegal Mexicans. My questions to you is this:

If Mexico is so wonderful --- then why are you here?

In fact, Shakira --- if you can stand up to any human rights violations in the USA, why won’t you do the same in your native Columbia? (Also Shakira, you are of Arab decent. If you want to see real human rights violations, where one of your outfits in an Islamic country).
If the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo is all about the “independence” of Mexico --- are you actually trying to tell me that Mexico is truly independent?
If Mexico and its citizens, (and even Columbia for the sake of argument), are so important, and near and dear to your hearts --- then why are you not fighting for them --- inside the borders of the country that you love?

The answer to all the questions is quite obvious --- it’s because you are all cowards. It is so much easier and far more safer for you to protest any American policy --- then those of your own countries. The only retributions you face here is some name calling and heated debate. Are Mexico and Columbia truly “independent”? NO! Not as long as they are being run by the drug cartels and the corrupt governments that they have purchased. You are too afraid to take on and fight the REAL enemies of your people. You are too afraid to get down and dirty; and yes, spill a little blood and suffer some pain. Meanwhile though, you leave your fellow countrymen behind to do all the dirty work and to suffer the consequences of the governments and criminals in your homelands. You let them do the real fight for you. All you get in your protests here is some quality “face time”.

Here is a bit of truth to those of Mexican decent --- your families, friends and countrymen are not leaving Mexico --- they are ESCAPING from it. They are not coming here for better jobs, they are coming here for a better life. It is safer for them to be in this country illegally, than in theirs legally. It is quite a shame too because Mexico has the resources and potential to employ all of their citizens with good paying jobs that would make their standard of living equal to ours in the United States. For example, Mexico sits on the largest natural gas reservoirs on this side of the planet. But with the long history of corrupt government there, Mexico has become a huge waste of potential, because of the crooked and dishonest people who use force to keep themselves in charge --- just like in the entire continent of Africa. They, like Africa, have governments empowered by keeping the proletariat in fear for their lives and safety. The government of Mexico only benefits those in the government of Mexico.

You can not criticize this country until you clean up your own, and that means that you have to take your “revolutions” there And for Mr. Rodriguez and Shakira, I suggest that they instead of interpreting our constitution and laws, that they do some research on the immigration laws of both Mexico and Columbia.

I do though feel that I must come to the defense of Shakira somewhat. She is a celebrity from a foreign country whose thoughts are with the normal average citizen. Not like some of her counterparts here in America like Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte and Oliver Stone, who go out of their way to visit, pamper, indulge and praise corrupt tyrannical leaders such as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.

Monday, May 3, 2010

UA#4 The Abortion Cliche'

Today I heard another one of those liberal cliché statements. This one concerns a subject that is near and to the leftist’s hearts. (Leftist hearts, now that is an oxymoron). The subject I am speaking about of course is abortion.

Every time, and I mean EVERY TIME the issue of abortion is brought up, the liberals will start ranting that if ANY law that prohibits abortion, will then force women who are victims of rape and/or incest to bring their pregnancies to full term.

Hey … left-wing, socialist, liberal, secular “progressives”, here a news flash for you, and I believe that I shall make this my UNACCEPTED TRUTH #4. If the debate about abortion was mainly about, and strictly concerning, the consequences to women who have suffered the vile act of rape and/or incest … then that debate would have been resolved and ended over forty years ago.

You have made abortion about the consequences of a man and woman’s actions, and the “inconvenience” that having a child has brought about in their lives.

Even to the point that you wish to allow the abomination of what is known as “late-term” abortion.

This reminds me of a story I read some years ago that concerns abortion:

A man, who is deeply disturbed by how the modern world is with all of its troubles is standing out in an open field. In his frustration he raises his arms up and begins to scream in anger to GOD.

“Hey God!”, the man yells. “What is it with you? You see what’s going on down here! If you really exist, then why do you allow all these bad things that are going on? Why don’t you send some people down here that can make life better for us all? Why don’t you send more real intelligent people who can cure diseases and teach our children well? Why don’t you send some more good people in the world who can prevent war and atrocities? Why don’t you send some decent people who will help us get closer to you? Damn! Why can’t you send more good people in general?”

To the mans surprise, God answered him.

God said, “I have done so millions of times, and I continue to do so millions of more. YOU allow it so that they keep being aborted”.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Police, Fire and Education

Lately I have noticed that the left-wing, liberal, socialist, secular "progressives" have a set of cliche words and statements for every debate. One in particular that gets to me is when the discussion is over lowering ALL taxes and shrinking the size of the government. When this subject is brought up, immediately, and every time ... EVERY TIME ... the liberals will bring up on how this will cut down the vital services of Police and Fire protection ... and above all ... EDUCATION.

(You will also notice that not once ... NOT ONCE ... will they include the military).

Okay then liberals, I'll meet you halfway, (Yeah right, like any of you have that in you). Let's keep all American taxpayer money for Police, Fire and Education. However, let's STOP all of the other totally unneccessary funding that we do have.

For example:

Stop all public funding to "non-profit" groups ... such as ACORN and PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

Stop all public funding of the National Endowment for the Arts, the Public Broadcasting System, (PBS), and National Public Radio, (NPR).

Stop ALL funding of those Americans among us who willfully keep themselves as tax burdens and not tax payers. In my opinion there are only two sets of Americans who need to be on welfare. The truley sick and handicapped ... and the elderly.

Let's go through all the books and end ALL funding to all the other crap that our public servants "earmark" into every piece of legislation that comes before them.

Then when all that is finished, let us see, between those three, Police, Fire and Education, where there is real waste and corruption.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The SON vs. the One

Why is it that the closest thing that the modern day left-wing, liberal, socialist, secular "progressives" have ever come to religion ... is their constant equating of the Community Organizer from Chicago ... to the Carpenter from Nazareth?

Sorry liberals ... but the Son's time on earth ... was a one shot deal. And when He does return ... it's not going to be on Air Force One.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"FREE" Government Money?

See this man? This is MATTHEW LESKO ... you know ... the man who dresses up like THE RIDDLER and pushes his book, and now website to show certain people in America how to get what he refers to as "GOVERNMENT FREE MONEY". He is even written about in Bernard Goldberg's book "100 PEOPLE WHO ARE SCREWING UP AMERICA". Matthew Lesko is number 100.

"Free" money from the government for any of us to do practically anything that we wish. Now all of us with even a "D" average knows that this "FREE MONEY" only comes from one place ... US!

Now I say that Matthew Lesko and his book and website are not only the problem, but we can reverse it so that it can be the solution. Let's all forward Mr. Lesko's website to all fiscal conservative candidates running this November 2010 ... and tell them to read and go over everything that Mr. Lesko has to tell ... then make a large issue in their campaigns to eliminate and shut down ALL of the government offices and programs that Mr. Lesko is promoting.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Recently, someone close to me told me of the disdain that they were feeling towards Ms. Joy Behar of ABC's "THE VIEW" concerning her opinion of how Sarah Palin reacted towards the latest episode of the animated series "FAMILY GUY" which had a main character dating a girl with Downs Syndrome. The girl tells her date that her "father is an accountant, and her mother is the former governor of Alaska."

This person who was offended by Ms. Behar's opinion of "Down Syndrome people have a sense of humor", wanted to write the producers of The View and ABC Television to inform them of how offended she is that liberal television stars will attack Sarah Palin on every angle, including the fact that she chose to raise a child with this affliction, and that she is offended by the double standard that liberals have. If one of Barack Obama's daughters had Downs Syndrome, then Ms. Behar would be up in arms.

I calmed this person down and I told her what she must do to have her voice really heard. This is the advice that I give everyone in these situations, now I'm going to share them with you.

First, DO NOT write the network or the producers of the show ... it will fall on deaf ears. What you should do is, watch the show one or two times more and write down EVERY commercial sponsor of that program, both local and national.

Then, WRITE THAT SPONSOR, email is a wonderful invention, and CALL THE LOCAL SPONSOR. Tell them that you are appalled that their company continues to sponsor such programs and that you can no longer support their company buy purchasing their products. Because you DO NOT want to have one thin dime of your hard earned money to be filtered in any way into the pockets of these liberal celebrities.

Now there is a great chance that you will get the corporate generated response that "while we value your patronage ... that the views of this liberal celebrity does not reflect those of our company."

When you get that answer, you counter with this: "Your standard answer from your corporate guidelines has insulted me more than the liberal celebrity. The liberal celebrity DOES IN FACT reflect back upon YOUR COMPANY, and because you have stood by your corporate guidelines, you have now totally lost me as a customer, and I will inform all my friends and acquaintances of this incident and have them stop patronizing your company and its product also. These are MY guidelines."

Listen, if corporations WERE NOT worried about image and making money and profit ... then all of the companies that had TIGER WOODS as a spokesman ... would not have bailed out on him as fast as they did.

Liberal celebrities have got to learn that we ... the American citizens ... not only vote at the polls ... but we vote with our feet and our wallets as well. Take for instance one Mr. Sean Penn. Mr. Penn's actions over the years has kept many a person away from the motion pictures that he appears in. Sean Penn has not made money for a Hollywood studio in over ten years. Even a leading Hollywood periodical once stated that Sean Penn has now become "BOX OFFICE POISON".

Saturday, January 30, 2010

He Forgot

After President Obama finished his first State of the Union address last week, Chris Matthews, the host of MSNBC's HARDBALL stated that for the hour or so that the President presented his speech, the he, Matthews, "forgot that he was black".

So, my question then is this to Mr. Matthews: What then does President Obama do; or any other American of African decent for that matter; during all of the rest of the time; what do they do that DOES remind you that they are black?

Can you please answer that Mr. Matthews you left-wing, "progressive", limousine liberal, covert bigot you?

Here's something else you forgot Chris, that yes maybe MSNBC may be the least viewed cable network, but your self enlightened ignorant statements do get plastered all over the Internet.

And while you continue to do this, more and more people themselves are forgetting something: that you have a television show.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

YOU HAVE! ... Nobody Else

One of the hypocrisy's that really irks me about left wingers, especially the secular, socialist, "progressive", limousine liberals that saturate Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general; is how they will rant and bloviate about all the evils and wrongs of the world. All the time pointing fingers at conservatism and religion, sternly holding those two institutions to blame.

Then, after a trying few minutes of this ranting in order to get some face time on television or those endless amount of magazines that keep those faces in ours, they need a little marijuana or cocaine to help them cope with the stresses of their lives and of their "work".

Hey Hollywood! Everytime you purchase an illegal narcotic or "recreational drug", and you believe that your little amount of money you spent is "just innocent and means nothing", just so that you can have that "little buzz" to help you get through your rough day at "work" or what ever lame excuse you have to indulge; just remember this.

This is what you have done covertly:

YOU ... have participated in somebody's murder.
YOU ... have participated in somebody's rape.
YOU ... have helped purchase dangerous weapons for the street gangs in America.
YOU ... have made somebody keep selling themselves with prostitution.
YOU ... have helped finance radical islamic jihadist terrorists.
YOU ... have participated in child prostitution.
... have participated in an armed robbery.
YOU ... have participated in a burglary.
YOU ... have contributed to a family's anguish.
... have helped to contribute to the lavish lifestyles of those in organized crime.
YOU ... have helped contribute to political corruption.
YOU ... have helped push someone to commit suicide.
YOU ... have participated in domestic violence.
YOU ... have participated in a drive by shooting.
YOU ... are part of the blame for the death of an innocent due to that drive by shooting.
YOU ... have contributed to a mother and father's heartbreak.
YOU ... have contributed to the deterioration of society.
YOU ... have contributed to the spread of AIDS along with other STD's and diseases.
YOU ... have helped to finance genocide.
YOU ... have participated in the suppression of an indigenous people.
YOU ... have helped keep many people in the world in poverty.
YOU ... have helped to keep a tyrannical dictator in power.
YOU ... have assisted a totalitarian government.
YOU ... have help suppress the citizens of a third world nation.
YOU ... are partially responsible for the maiming and deaths of Law Enforcement and Military personnel.

Shall I continue? I have a lot more.

That's correct ... YOU. Because as with any other type of corruption, all you have to do is ...follow the money. And that $5, $10, $50 or $100 that you spend to purchase these illegal narcotics is all combined with the others who are just like ... YOU.

YOU ... have done this ... YOU HAVE ... nobody else.

So the next time you bloviate on the evils and of the moral decline in the world today, before you start pointing your finger at who YOU believe is the blame ... place it on your own face first.

NOTE: Do you ever notice the double standard of Hollywood when it does come to drug addiction? When Robert Downey Jr. or Britney Spears drug addictions became public, they were shown much sympathy while in rehab, (and in Mr. Downey's case, prison), then treated as heroes when they overcame their habits. However, whenever the subject of George W. Bush or Rush Limbaugh's addiction come up, they are treated as pariahs and are ridiculed.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Questioning Hypocrisy

Here's another question concerning liberal hypocrisy.

Concerning the recent news events that concern professional golfer Tiger Woods. Why is it that Tiger Woods loses most to all of his corporate sponsors because of his acts of adultery; however, David Letterman loses none of his on his television show for his?

Also, why is it that when Bill Clinton did it ... in the White House ... in the Oval Office ... all his liberal supporters would vehemently tell us that "Oh ... it was JUST SEX!!!"