Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dr. Tiller the Baby Killer

Whoa! Just saw on the news that "Dr." George Tiller aka "The Baby Killer" was shot to death in front of his own church in Kansas. He was the "doctor" famous for performing late term abortions in Kansas. Late term to this "doctor" meant up to the day before the woman's delivery.

The "doctor" was 67 years old when his life was snuffed out. So, should this be considered a murder, or just a 67 year long overdue late term abortion?

Hey I know that may step over the line and that it would offend someone, but I don't care if I offend anyone. Because most liberals today sit around just waiting to be offended.

And besides, this "doctor" had no true respect for life, why should I respect his death?

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Let me get something straight! President Obamas new nominee to the Supreme Court, Sonya Santomayor DID NOT SAVE BASEBALL! All she did was to make a legal decision during the 1994 strike. After the strike of 1994, the image of the game and players was greatly tarnished. The fact that grown men making millions of dollars while playing a child's game, trying to make their case of how "unfair" their employers were to them did not go over well with John Q. Public and Joe Six Pack.

The truth of the matter is that was Cal Ripken, Jr. who saved the game of baseball when he broke Lou Gehrig's record of consecutive games played, and he did it will all of the grace and class that Gehrig possessed.

Then the following year it was the "Home Run Derby" season between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. (Even though they both did it while they both were all jacked up on steroids).

So does President Obama have to use baseball to propagandize his cause and this woman? (Come to think of it - - - her initials are "SS").
If so then tell him to turn in his WHITE SOX hat and replace it with a cub cap.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Cure for BDS

In 2003, noted conservative columnist, Dr. Charles Krauthammer, gave birth to the phrase of BUSH DERANGEMENT SYNDROME, (BDS), in one of his opinion columns. Charles Krauthammer is not only an economist but a Doctor of Psychiatry as well. I witnessed a case of someone who has BDS at a party not to long ago. They just HAD to tell me about a trip they had taken across the Pacific some years ago. During this flight the airline decided to show for their movie entertainment, Micheal Moore's "documentary" of Fahrenheit 9/11. They then just HAD to tell me how they were then trapped inside this aircraft for twelve hours at 38,000 feet as they were just seething at George W. Bush; all the time while sitting in first class. (I doubt that this even happened though because I can not believe that any airline would make the business decision to show that film to their passengers knowing that it will offend more than half of them).

Only a true leftest liberal would be angry with then President Bush all the while sitting in first class on their way to some exotic Pacific destination. Now I know that others have even more serious stories than this and I welcome you to send them to me.

However, there IS now a cure for BDS, but we have a limited time to make this happen, to wipe BDS off from the face of our planet. My cure comes in the form of a challenge, at that challenge comes in the form of two words:


Yes, PROVE IT! Here's the challenge now for all you leftist liberals with BDS, you want to cure yourselves? Then here is your chance to PROVE IT.

For all of you who believe that Bush/Cheney stole the 2000 election.
For all of you who believe that Bush/Cheney are behind the attacks of September 11, 2001.
For all of you who believe that Bush/Cheney invaded Iraq illegally.
For all of you who believe that Bush/Cheney illegally tortured those poor souls at GITMO.
For all of you that just plain believe that Bush/Cheney are the most evil men who have ever lived.

Here is your chance to prove it. How can you prove it you ask? Simple. YOU have your man in the Oval Office. YOU have your majority in the Senate. YOU have your majority in the Congress. YOU have all your people in the Presidents cabinet, that means the Attorney General. YOU now have the power to do what you always wanted, to have George Bush and Richard Cheney arrested and dragged in front of any Senate and/or Congressional committee and be publicly tried for all of the "crimes" that you are charging them with.

If they are found guilty, then YOU can watch as they are both shackled in chains from head to foot and then sent to GITMO themselves, and then the world will be a better place for you. (I doubt it though, because a leftist is not happy unless they are miserable).

However, remember what I have said. YOU have to PROVE IT, and you can't prove anything with conspiracy theories, only with facts of a conspiracy. Plus, as I stated earlier, you have a limited time to do this. You have either until the first Tuesday of November, 2010, or before Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad finish going nuclear. Because I'm sorry Joe Biden, these men are not "testing this young President" as you have said, they are threatening him.

If you find that you cannot prove anything with all your accusations, then I have another two words for you:


Thursday, May 21, 2009

My, How Things Have Changed

This morning I'm watching FOX News and Megyn Kelley was doing a report on FLEET WEEK by the U.S. Navy that is taking place in New York City. They had a reporter on one of the ships interviewing the Sailors and Marines, talking about some of the surveillance and weapons systems, and how the servicemen are really enjoying their stay while in New York, as it should be.

The Marines and Sailors are so happy how they are being received and treated by the citizens of New York City. Ms. Kelley herself was saying that there is nothing better than to see a man in uniform walking around the city and that all the ladies of the city just could not wait to meet with them.I envy today's serviceman, especially by the way they are respected and loved by the populace today, and I repeat, as it should be.

When I enlisted in the Navy in 1974, I went in during the closing years of the Viet Nam conflict. I was stationed in San Diego at the Naval Air Station Miramar. I worked of the F-14 Tomcat Fighter Aircraft.It was a complete 180 degree turn the way I and my fellow servicemen were treated back then. Everytime I went to Mission Bay, Ocean Beach, or just around town, the only two questions I would get from the civilian population was, "You wanna buy some weed?" or the other one, when some "child of peace, tolerance and understanding" would walk right up to me and ask, "So hey man, how many babies are ya gonna kill?"

Yes, I was called a baby killer and a "tool of that b*****d Nixon", I never even saw the coastline of Viet Nam. I basically tried to ignore those ignorant P.O.S.'s, but after the third and fourth, time, ( and the times thereafter), it kind of hurt, and I knew I was not welcomed in California. We in the military back then were treated as fourth class citizens. So after my discharge I've made sure to never go back to California for any reason.

(Oh yes, and GOD forbid if any of those self-proclaimed "California girls" were even caught dead dating a military man.)

I hope the way we are treating our servicemen today never changes, because I do remember how the "children of peace and love" would rally to "bring our boys home", only to spit on and them insult them when they did. A lot of these "flower children" are running everything now.

NOTE: In the picture here, you see everyone always had a "peace sign". Well, I'm a history nut, and if you research the history of the peace sign, you will find that it is actually in reality, a satanic symbol. A broken crucifix hung upside down.

Who is Important to Liberals Now?

Every week now, I see reported on the news that another 500,000 to 625,000 people have lost their jobs do to this recession, and I'm confident to add, the governments responses and plans in order to repair it.

The so-called "stimulus" package, and President Obama's, as well as his supporters trying to nationalize all our banks and businesses and their overwhelming kowtowing to the unions.

So, I have some questions, who and what is more important to all those losing their jobs right now?

Is it President Obama, our "Dear Leader"? Or now it their ex-bosses?

It it the democratic party and the union officials? Or the supervisors and managers of the jobs that they held?

Is it the profit their company's were making? Or the abuse of taxpayer dollars that is being used for nothing more than a hostile takeover of American business by the Obama administration?

I ask now what has become more important too all of those people, myself now included, who have been laid off from their jobs?

Because, I know that by voting for President Obama and all those around him, it did not give immunity to anyone.

Just as many liberals are losing their jobs as conservatives.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Michael Vick-The REAL Tragedy

So, I understand that Michael Vick just may be released from Leavenworth tomorrow.

Now, I'm one of the greatest and most staunchest football fans around, however, do you know what the REAL tragedy is concerning this whole Michael Vick ordeal?

The answer is this:

If Micheal Vick were instead caught beating his wife of girlfriend, he would have still been playing football all this time.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Obama? He May Save The cubs?

In 2005, when the WHITE SOX won the World Series I got to see the very first playoff game at Comisky Park, (I still call it Comisky), against the Boston Red Sox. At the game I saw a banner hanging from the owners box, on it it said:


Could we all now be living in the era where the Chicago cubs curse will be lifted and they finally win the World Series? Some signs may point to it.

And could it be that that the major mystical sign that the cubs win the World Series just may be President Obama himself?

Because I don't care who you are, especially here in the quad-state area that surrounds the great city of Chicago; meaning Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan.

I don't care what your race is. White, black, brown, red. yellow or any combination thereof.

I don't care if you're Christian, Jewish, Islamic. Wiccan, atheist, etc.

I don't care what your ancestry is. (To many nations to mention here).

I don't care if you are straight, gay, bi, trans-gendered, or just a pervert.

I don't care if you are a Conservative, liberal, moderate, Republican, democrat, socialist, communist or just not even involved in anything politically.

I don't care if you are rich, poor or anything in between.

It does not matter who you are or what you think because the truth of the matter is this. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY, for the past hundred years now, especially those who live in the city of Chicago and the surrounding areas; EVERYBODY at one time in their lives has spoken the following statement aloud:

"A Black Man is going to be elected President before the cubs ever win the World Series."

Now to me, as a staunch WHITE SOX fan, I will see the cubs winning the World Series as the first sign of the Apocalypse. I know that somewhere in The Book of Revelation the Apostle John saw the cubs winning the Series, thus bringing in the end of days.

Yes, the cubs win the World Series and then the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will be riding right down the middle of Michigan Avenue.

Then the Rapture shall come, because you see, as a firm believer in GOD, I believe after the cubs win the Series, He is going to want to collect on all those decades of cubs fans looking up to the heavens with their arms outstretched and saying out loud that one prayer they always pray:

"Just once LORD! THEN ... You can take me."

As a matter of fact cubs fans say that more then: "Wait 'til next year."

Yes, the day after the cubs win the World Series, more than half of the north side will then die.

Now this means that the cubs have anywhere from four to eight years to win the World Series. If they DO NOT take advantage of President Obama's time in history as the first black man to become President, and NOT win the Series during this time period, well then we are going to have to amend that old saying.

Here's my suggestion:

"An Arabic Jewish Lesbian will be elected President of the United States before the Chicago cubs ever win the World Series."

By the way, as a WHITE SOX fan, I will admit that when I write the name of the cubs, yes I write it in lower case deliberately.

Sangria Wine

OK, as per the request of my good blog buddy and fellow Arizonian, Teri O'Brien, while talking to her on her BLOGTALK RADIO broadcast today, I'm going to give you my recipe for one of my favorite drinks. (Isn't that just like two people of Irish decent to want to talk about "adult potable beverages?")

This is my recipe for SANGRIA WINE, and it was inspired to me by an album my "Wonder Years" buddies, (Brent, Jeff, Mike, Tim, Todd and 'Doughboy'), use to always listen too to start our partying time, and/or head on over to the Verde River back in Arizona.

That album is Jerry Jeff Walker's VIVA TERLINGUA.

I'm giving this recipe out now because I know that it is summer somewhere. Here in Chicago it's now the middle of May, rainy and in the 50's. Those of you in Arizona, I know summer there starts in March.

Here's what you'll need:

Some bags of ice and the biggest washtub that you can find. You know, the kind that you could give a large German Shepard or St. Bernard a bath in.

4 (or more) gallon bottles of Gallo Sangria Wine

1 bottle of Napoleon Brandy

1 large bottle of 7UP, (NOT DIET!!! REAL 7UP!!!)

Some crisp sweet apples, (I recommend the Pink Lady)

Some peaches and/or nectarines

A couple of limes

A couple of lemons

1 pineapple

And the most important ingredient: one copy of the CD of Jerry Jeff Walker's VIVA TERLINGUA.

First cut up all of the fruit and place it all in a large bowl.

Then dump half of the ice into the washtub and scatter the fruit on top of the ice; then dump in the remainder of the ice over the fruit. Mix the ice and fruit together.

Add the bottle of Napoleon Brandy followed by the bottles of Gallo Sangria Wine.

Then with a large mixing spoon, mix in the bottle of 7UP.

Now, when serving this wine, all anyone has to do is just dip their cup into the tub and drink. However I feel that I must tell you to make sure you serve this during a long weekend and plan on most people to be staying with you. If you don't want to have people staying at your home for any lengthy period of time, then do as we did back in the days of our youth, go to the Verde River, (if there are any places left there to go to anyway), or any wide open space in the area near where you live, on a Friday or Saturday. Start the festivities off with the VIVA TERLINGUA album and sing along to the song "Sangria Wine".


Because, if history taught me anything about Sangria Wine, when you start drinking it on Friday, you won't remember Saturday, and the real world returns to you sometime on Sunday. And even though you don't remember, you feel in your heart of hearts that you just HAD to of have had a great time. (I remember waking up a few times in the back of someones car on a Sunday morning hearing the rippling sounds of the river).

But you are guaranteed to always be singing the course from SANGRIA WINE:


Something tells me I'm going to be getting a lot of stories from everyone from their youth days about their experiences with Sangria Wine, beer, that will have references to Boondockers and/or tubing down the Verde River.

By the way, I invite everyone to join in with Teri on her BLOGTALK RADIO broadcasts every Sunday at 2:00 PM CDT. For more information, go to her website:

When I'm participating, I'm known as ARIZONA SCOTT.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The New Great Depression

There is a new Great Depression occurring in our country, and it has nothing to do with economics. It is now being felt by all of those slobbering, starry eyed supporters of President Obama who are now coming to terms with the realization that he is ... after all ... just a man.

Barack Hussein Obama is just a man, flesh and blood, just like everyone else. He is not the Messiah that they all believed him to be.

But, in defense of the President, the way these people have looked upon him is not his fault. What is his fault though is that he allowed it to happen, and he continues to do so.

Remember, there WAS at one time a man who not only walked upon the earth, but on water as well.

And just look what we did to Him.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Our "Entertainers" Will Never Admit

I'm really no fan of today's so called entertainers. I find most of them to be ill educated, self centered and shallow.What irritates me the most about them is that they have the audacity to criticize, demonize, insult, and demean publicly the so-called "rich" in America. The corporate establishment you might say.

They will do and say the most unbelievable and outrageous things and then hide behind their shield word, "artist".Then they will try and make you believe that they just can't help it that they themselves are wealthy. Most will wear old and tattered clothing to make you believe that they are really, "just one of us". That is until they have one of their diva fits.

Here is the dirty little secret that they themselves refuse to come to terms with:

That it is AMERICAN CORPORATE CAPITALISM that helped them to bring forth their talents to the public and make them very wealthy people. They will never admit that they are part of that "upper 1%" that they hate so much.

THEY are the comodity of the corporations of the entertainment industry.

However, there is one thing that they ARE NOT ignorant of, that they would NEVER get away with the things they do and say in any other country other than the United States. That is the answer to the question to anyone who asks, "If they don't like it here so much, why don't they just move somewhere else?"

They turn a blind eye to the real tyranny in the world, and even side with them, all for the sake of publicity. However, they are not that dumb to move to places like Cuba, Venuzuela, North Korea, or even France, where they KNOW that there is no true freedom of speech there. Just ask Bridgit Bardot. She has been arrested and fined by her own government for speaking out against the uncontrolled imigration in her country.

I dare them, any one of them go ahead, go through with your threats of leaving the country if so and so is elected. I noticed many of them promised to leave both times George W. was elected, but never followed through. Just like a liberal.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Introduction

Hello to anyone here who enters,

My name is Scott and I live in Chicago. Welcome to the Shot and Beer Joint. I named my blog so because right now I'm a frustrated bartender looking for my first bar to work in after 30 years in the retail business. I want to get into the tavern business because I like businesses that are sociable, where people can sit, have a few drinks and be able to speak their minds.

All are welcome here to either agree with me or debate my opinions.

However, there is one main rule, whether you agree or disagree with me or anyone else who gives their opinions or rebuttals, YOU WILL DO SO IN A CIVIL AND MATURE ADULT MANNER! No insults and your language will be as if your own mother and children are in the room.

"Damn" or "Hell" are accepted. But if you just have to use a more foul word do so by disguising the word. For Example: S**t. or F*#k will be accepted.

Any gentleman in the room will never disagree with a woman by insulting her with the "B", "S", and above all the "C" word. As a matter of fact, this goes for women also.

This room is about civility, maturity, and chivalry.

So, let's get started,


Scott in Chicago