Sunday, May 1, 2011

Barack's Pain at the Pump

Today, I just opened my bill for the purchase of gasoline for last month for my family and I have to say even though I pay attention to everything that goes on in the world, I was taken aback by what I saw.

I pay for three cars, gas efficient cars at that, and have averaged the past few months a bill between $320 and $340, and I was expecting a bill this month for around $380. Instead, much to my shock and surprise, my gasoline bill for last month is $449.

Now, I am NOT going to blame Barack Obama to be the cause for the current rise in energy prices.

However, I DO NOT see any common sense, intelligent attempt by this president to be the SOLUTION to this problem either. In fact, I do not see any attempts of any kind whatsoever.

And Donald Trump is right, you can not solve any problems and troubles of the world when you are constantly shooting baskets, playing golf, throwing parties and/or flying around the country to attend parties.