Friday, October 9, 2009


Today, October 9, 2009, much to the surprise of all, even to liberals, President Barack Hussein Obama was awarded the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE simply for his aspirations for peace in the world. Even Obama himself and his staff were surprised that he was awarded the prize because deep in their hearts they know that he has not accomplished anything, to make peace among anybody, or any nations. Come on! No liberal out there can tell me or anyone else what he has accomplished to win this award. The award is for accomplishing peace, not hoping for it. Even Michael Moore himself is saying that he is happy that Obama has won the prize, but now he has to EARN it.

Here's my question: Where is President Ronald W. Reagan's Nobel Prize?

On June 12, 1987, President Reagan stood on a podium in West Berlin in front of THE BERLIN WALL and gave what was to be the greatest speech of his Presidency. In that speech President Reagan defied his own advisers and said to the world, "General Secretary Gorbachev, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!" Challenging the then General Secretary of the former Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, to do so.

Ronald Reagan, without firing a shot or dropping one bomb, using only the power of his spoken word, he did indeed convince General Secretary Gorbachev to finally tear down the Berlin Wall which led not only to the reunification of Berlin, but to the entire country of Germany.

So why then did they decide to award the Nobel Prize for Peace to General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev? Without Reagan, the Berlin Wall would still be standing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Yesterday, (October 7, 2009), our illustrious elected officials took time from their busy schedules in order to unveil in Statuary Hall in the Capitol Rotunda, a statue honoring HELEN KELLER, (1880 - 1968), the little girl from Alabama who, due to a bout with either scarlet fever or meningitis, was left both totally blind and deaf. Her story of overcoming her handicaps with the help of her teacher, ANNIE SULLIVAN is indeed an inspiration to us all and was made famous by the movie THE MIRACLE WORKER, (1962), starring ANNE BANCROFT and PATTY DUKE.

Oh you should have seen the smiling and beaming expressions on the faces of both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

The performances by both Miss Bancroft and Miss Duke earned them both the ACADEMY AWARDS in 1962. However, there is more history to the story of Helen Keller, a history which is never really taught or hardly spoken of. If you have ever, or are going to, see the film, this is what happened afterwards. This is what happened after you see Helen snuggling on the rocking chair with Annie on the porch of her home in Alabama. After Helen tells Annie that "She loves teacher." This is how Helen Keller became one of the most notorious women in America.

In 1909, Helen Keller joined the SOCIALIST PARTY in Massachusetts, and the anarcho-syndicalist union, INTERNATIONAL WORKERS OF THE WORLD, (IWW) and was an organizer for them.

Helen Keller opposed the entry of the United States into World War I.

In 1912 she became a national voice for socialism. Helen Keller in fact blamed capitalism for the diseases that rendered her both blind and deaf. As if viruses have a will of their own to pick and choose who they render ill. Also, never mind the fact that she fell ill during the 1880's, where even the best medical treatment of the day could not save her from her fate.

In 1917 Helen Keller welcomed the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

in 1920, Helen Keller became one of the founders of THE AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION, (ACLU).

Helen Keller became a close friend of MARGARET SANGER, the founder of PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

Even though she was a Suffragette herself, Helen Keller criticized women for wanting the vote, because American women wanted to be participating in the democratic processes of the United States.

In 1955 Helen Keller sent warm birthday wishes to ELIZABETH GURLEY FLYNN, a communist and IWW organizer. Ms. Flynn was serving a two year prison sentence during the Cold War crackdown of the communist party. Where I must, add there is more history to those years that we are not really aware of. Was Joseph McCarthy acting crazy? Yes, he was. But there is something that history has also proven, that Senator Joseph McCarthy was right. There were at that time over 300 Soviet agents infiltrating our government, some even in very high offices.

I'm going to say something now that may offend, Helen Keller is literally the epitome of those who support socialism and communism. Her blindness never let her see the truth on just how evil the institutions of both political philosophies are. Also, her deafness never let her hear the side of freedom and independence. She was the perfect voice for socialism, she was never taught any way different. She was Vladimir Lenin's perfect "Useful Idiot".

The difference between Capitalism and Socialism that Helen Keller was never able to see or hear is this. In Capitalism, all are free to either participate or not. All are free to better themselves or not. Those who venomously criticize capitalism, well, just don't have what it takes to participate, so they turn to socialism.

Why, because in socialism, and even more with communism, it is a select few who decide everything in their subjects lives. From how much the receive to even what they do with their lives. Communism and socialism is state run slavery.

Capitalism benefits all. Socialism and communism only benefit those who are in charge or are in good standing with the party and the state. What's the difference between socialism and communism you may ask? Socialism is just "Communist Lite".

There is also one major difference between Capitalism and socialism/communism; and that is that socialism/communism need to maintain a strong POLICE STATE in order to thrive and survive.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Today, the International Olympic Committee voted against the city of Chicago to host the Summer Olympics for 2016. So, I'm just here waiting to see which liberal is going to be the first one to do one of two things. That is either to say that since that it was President Obama, First Lady Michelle, and her Highness Queen Oprah the First that made the final pitch for the Windy City; and they were flatly turned down; (Chicago received the fewest votes), that the International Olympic Committee must be a bunch of racists. Or, the old liberal stand-by, that all this must somehow be the fault of George W. Bush.

I have my own two reasons. First that I believe that the world is tiring of the 24/7/365 "Barack Obama Show". That his novelty has quickly worn thin and that he is beginning to bore the rest of the world. All talk and no action. All charisma and no substance. I believe that the Europeans, the Asians, South Americans and Africans are noticing that he is no different than the inept milquetoasts that are in charge of the governments of their own homelands, and that the change for a "new type of government for America" is in reality the old ways that the citizens of these countries have lived under for centuries.

Second, is that the International Olympic Committee is not as stupid as all of the starry eyed and drooling followers of Oprah and the Obama's. Everyone there knows that the Chicago/Cook County political machine is the most corrupt in America. That Al Capone and Bugs Moran my be long dead, but the "Machine" is alive and well. The IOC knows that the money generated from any Olympic games will benefit only those of The Machine, and not any of the citizenry. That's why I'm glad we did not get the games and Rio de Jinaro has. Rio is getting the WORLD CUP and THE OLYMPICS in a two year period and the cash flow there has been needed for far too long.

If I were the mayor of Chicago, here is what I would have done to generate cash flow for the city. Recently, Mayor Daley spent millions of dollars to have Soldier Field, the home of my beloved CHICAGO BEARS, renovated and modernized. However I would have gone a huge step further. I would have spent a few million more to have Soldier field domed. Yes, with a retractable dome. This way, Chicago would be the only northern city that would have been put in contention and placed in the rotation to host the Super Bowl. We have the venues, the hotels, the restaurants and the transportation needed for such events. Yes, I know that would have been a great idea, but we have the liberal machine running Chicago.
Liberals think with emotion and conservatives think with logic.

One Super Bowl generates more cash flow than one Olympics Games.