Sunday, February 21, 2010


Recently, someone close to me told me of the disdain that they were feeling towards Ms. Joy Behar of ABC's "THE VIEW" concerning her opinion of how Sarah Palin reacted towards the latest episode of the animated series "FAMILY GUY" which had a main character dating a girl with Downs Syndrome. The girl tells her date that her "father is an accountant, and her mother is the former governor of Alaska."

This person who was offended by Ms. Behar's opinion of "Down Syndrome people have a sense of humor", wanted to write the producers of The View and ABC Television to inform them of how offended she is that liberal television stars will attack Sarah Palin on every angle, including the fact that she chose to raise a child with this affliction, and that she is offended by the double standard that liberals have. If one of Barack Obama's daughters had Downs Syndrome, then Ms. Behar would be up in arms.

I calmed this person down and I told her what she must do to have her voice really heard. This is the advice that I give everyone in these situations, now I'm going to share them with you.

First, DO NOT write the network or the producers of the show ... it will fall on deaf ears. What you should do is, watch the show one or two times more and write down EVERY commercial sponsor of that program, both local and national.

Then, WRITE THAT SPONSOR, email is a wonderful invention, and CALL THE LOCAL SPONSOR. Tell them that you are appalled that their company continues to sponsor such programs and that you can no longer support their company buy purchasing their products. Because you DO NOT want to have one thin dime of your hard earned money to be filtered in any way into the pockets of these liberal celebrities.

Now there is a great chance that you will get the corporate generated response that "while we value your patronage ... that the views of this liberal celebrity does not reflect those of our company."

When you get that answer, you counter with this: "Your standard answer from your corporate guidelines has insulted me more than the liberal celebrity. The liberal celebrity DOES IN FACT reflect back upon YOUR COMPANY, and because you have stood by your corporate guidelines, you have now totally lost me as a customer, and I will inform all my friends and acquaintances of this incident and have them stop patronizing your company and its product also. These are MY guidelines."

Listen, if corporations WERE NOT worried about image and making money and profit ... then all of the companies that had TIGER WOODS as a spokesman ... would not have bailed out on him as fast as they did.

Liberal celebrities have got to learn that we ... the American citizens ... not only vote at the polls ... but we vote with our feet and our wallets as well. Take for instance one Mr. Sean Penn. Mr. Penn's actions over the years has kept many a person away from the motion pictures that he appears in. Sean Penn has not made money for a Hollywood studio in over ten years. Even a leading Hollywood periodical once stated that Sean Penn has now become "BOX OFFICE POISON".