Monday, June 21, 2010

Those Who Boycott Arizona - PROVE IT !!!

To all of you left-wing, liberal, socialist, secular “progressives” who are calling for the boycott of the state of Arizona because of the state’s new immigration enforcement law, (SB 1070). I say that --- you are all full of crap --- and that you really could care less about all the illegal aliens in Arizona or any other state for that matter.

I find it appalling that you would all, especially in these hard financial times, would boycott a state that is populated by your fellow Americans, because of your illusions of grandeur of how the world should be. Your adding to the financial worries and stresses of LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS because of their decision to protect themselves from ILLEGAL ALIENS, in order to promote your misguided agendas, (no matter what the cost, and no matter to who of your fellow citizens whose suffering you now add too), is in my opinion nothing more but equal to treason.

Here is what I say to you, if you really care for the plight of people who are in the United States illegally, then by all means, continue your boycott on Arizona, (and to all of the other states and cities who are now considering passing the same laws). But I challenge you to PROVE IT. That right --- PROVE IT!!!

Prove it to all of us just how sincere you really are in your beliefs. Prove it to all of the illegal aliens in this country how much you care for them, and prove it to them that you are really concerned for their well being.

How do we want you to prove yourselves? Simple. Invite all of the illegal aliens in Arizona, (and the other states who are proposing similar laws), to move to your cities, to move to your neighborhoods, to come in and live in your communities --- among all of you. In fact I challenge you now to stand in front of all of the welcome signs in your cities and towns and welcome them with open arms, shake their hands as they come in, and even tell them where all the low income housing is in your areas and who will hire them and pay them under the table, and have them do all of those jobs that you claim no American will want to do.

There it is --- PROVE IT TO ME --- and the rest of America --- have them all come to live with and next to you.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


HELEN THOMAS --- has proven that a person can be as ugly inside as well as out. On May 27, 2010, outside of the White House for a Jewish heritage event, Ms. Thomas was asked by Rabbi David Nesenoff her opinion on the country of Israel. Ms. Thomas’ reply was that the Jews “should get out of Palestine”, a country that they are “occupying”. That the Jews should return to their “homes”, which are really in Germany, Poland and in the United States.

This is a woman who has sat front row center in the White House press room for decades. Why? She is NOT a reporter, she is an opinion columnist.

First of all Ms. Thomas, if you should go purchase any world atlas published by Rand-McNally, you will discover that there is no country in the world known as Palestine. There once was, but your dear friends at your beloved United Nations in 1948 decided that there shall be a Jewish homeland named Israel. If you look harder you will find that there is no longer a Yugoslavia or Burma also. The U.S.S.R. no longer exists either.

Second of all Ms. Thomas, you are one of the main reasons nobody reads or trust newspapers anymore. If it were not for the sports section, newspapers would not be selling at all.

Why is it that among the left-wing, socialist, secular liberal “progressives”; that Anti-Semitism is the only accepted form of hate, bigotry and racism?

Now she has given one of the pseudo apologies that are famous among the liberals. Ms. Thomas, apology NOT ACCEPTED. You have disgraced yourself and it’s time you do us all a favor and retire from your “profession”.